Save The Date: Launching A Season Worth Waiting For

Save The Date: Launching A Season Worth Waiting For

Welcome to season 5 of Positivity Strategist podcast. I hope you will agree it’s worth waiting for. Yes, it’s been a while since my last season, when my inquiry was Appreciative Embodying, and the one before that Appreciative leading, and Appreciative Voice and Choice, and so it goes back almost 6 years

I am so extremely excited about Season 5.  It’s a collaboration with the Taos Institute. I’ll say more about Taos in this save-the-date episode.   The real introductory episode will launch the show May 5th with Sheila McNamee and Celiane Camargo-Borges, both board directors of the Taos Institute. Do mark you calendars, now!

In this season 5, our inquiry is:

What are the innovations that social construction is bringing to our world?

If you are new to social constructionist ideas and curious, this season will give you a lovely introduction.  You will be exploding with possibilities and ah-ha moments, and, as our guests share over and over, having social construction as a thought partner is liberating. 

What’s Worth Waiting For?

field of wild flowers worth waiting for

Central to social constructionist ideas is the exploration of social processes and practices essential for the co-construction of reason, knowledge, and human value, and how these ideas are applied and in relational, collaborative and appreciative practices in families, institutions, organizations around the world.

 We cross geographies, disciplines, industries, age groups and more in this season.  What these guests have in common is that they are not only Taos associates, each is a contributing authors to The Sage Book of Social Constructionist Practice published 2020

The Taos Institute is a non-profit educational organization committed to the belief that social constructionist ideas have powerful and positive implications for human life and well-being.  For almost 30 years Taos Institute associates – scholars and practitioners have been developing programs, holding conferences, publishing books, hosting webinars, creating online learning opportunities, sponsoring a diploma program, graduating more than 100 P.hD.s, and so much more. 

How does that sound?  Worth waiting for? We don’t want you to  miss one episode, so go to Positivity to get on the list to be notified when each episode goes live.  Of course, you can listen to the show where ever you usually listen to your podcasts such as Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Soundcloud, Overcast, Stitcher, Spotify and so many more.  We will be publishing every two weeks. 

With great excitement that I’m able to bring this season to you. I view it as a great privilege and express my gratitude for your support over these years. There is a lot going on and much to choose from. Thank you for choosing us!