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Episode Overview

In this conversation, Gloria Cirulli tells her story of how she started the Central NJ Chapter of eWomenNetwork and has become its award winning Managing Director.  The conversation covers topics of networking, confidence, building a supportive tribe and the practices that truly facilitate generous sharing and collaboration. The focus is on women, but the content is applicable to all.

Women Network, Strategies and Tips With Gloria Cirulli – Episode Introduction

women network with Gloria CirulliGloria Cirulli is the award winning Managing Director of the Central NJ Chapter of eWomenNetwork, one of the largest business organizations in North America.  And that’s how we met.  I’ve attended a number of the eWomenNetwork Central NJ Chapter and very much enjoyed them and the women I’ve met there.

Gloria is a Multi-preneur©, having owned multiple businesses simultaneously throughout the years. Gloria’s core business is “Taking You to Your Next Level- as a Confidence Mentor!” For Gloria, mentor is synonymous with coach or strategist. She focuses mainly in three main areas to help women grow their businesses: networking, presentation and public speaking.

Knowing Your Strengths – What You are Good At

Gaining clarity about strengths and what you can and can’t do is a big part of success. Gloria has built a number of businesses, and knows what she’s really good and what she isn’t good at.  Having successfully lost over 100 pounds, 18 years ago and having raised as a single mother 2 fine sons, Gloria understands what it takes to face difficulties in life yet stay motivated and succeed!

She turned her struggle with weight loss into a business for her, helping other women with weight loss issues and finding their own confidence.  She has broadened that offering, using her extensive experience and knowledge to help women go to the next level.

Philosophy of eWomenNework

Through the eWomenNetwork, Gloria exemplifies the philosophy as expressed in these three core tenants.:

  • Teamwork makes the dream work.
  • Give first, share always.
  • Lift as you climb.

This philosophy highlights the value of support groups, networks and collaboration.  You are not alone.  When you find your tribe, it’s truly liberating, enlivening and energizing. You do go to a whole new level.

Are You Interested or Interesting – Know the Difference

When asked what Gloria values about herself, she shows her humility, saying that she’s warm and genuine.  She's interested in people and provides us some tips on how to stay truly present in conversation at networking events.  We both agree you can pick up the vibes when someone is only going through the motions and is not interested in you in that moment.  They look around you, above you, behind themselves and everywhere else but you.

One great tip Gloria shares is to not dismiss anyone too soon, thinking they are not going to be “useful” to you or your business.  I shared with Gloria one of my favorite quotes of Dewitt Jones:

“When you publish in your life, you never know where it will show up.”

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Women Network to Grow Capacity

In this episode, we talk about the importance of not only knowing your own strengths, but also knowing where you need help, because you can’t do it all.  There are skills, markets, subject matter that are not in your bag of goodies.  To hold the belief that you have to do it all, is truly not helpful to you, your family or your customers!  It’s smart to identify the kinds of supports you require to move your business forward.  Being in a state of overwhelm is a situation too often faced by women and can hold you back.

In her monthly column, entitled “Taking Women to the Next Level”, Gloria addresses pertinent issues women in business are facing, such as developing your tribe, finding resources and mentors who can help you. Her articles are featured in print in the Home News Tribune, the Courier News and on-line at myCentralJersey.com.

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