What is the world calling for?


Tipping Point of Consciousness & Service

What the world is calling for is much clearer than it has ever been.  We have started to think more consciously of ensuring the future for generations to come.  There is a collective ground swell to serve.  In the second decade of the 21st, the world really has changed.

The citizens of this planet reached a tipping point in just about every domain, resulting in more people speaking up for greater compassion and understanding across cultures;  workers and shareholders alike calling for greater transparency and integrity in financial markets;  consumers are seeking products and services that conserve our natural resources and health.

Communication & Connection

Alongside these positive seismic systemic shifts our communication channels and flows have become easier, faster, more far-reaching, collaborative and compassionate.

Out of curiosity, and in many cases, necessity to make sense of our world, more and more of us are connecting to people of other cultures in far lands.  We find these connections as sources of great innovation and inspiration which in turn reconnect us with our own creativity and imaginations.  Social media, including networks, wikis, blogs, podcasts, video and Twitter bring us together as one world.

We self-select into on-line communities where we are finding mutual interests, shared passions, connection points and a sense of belonging.  Our films and entertainments have become increasingly multi-and cross-cultural.  We laugh and cry together.  We celebrate our global humanity.

Something to Ponder:

What are you hearing, seeing, feeling, thinking that gives you excitement and hope that we are becoming more conscious of world that can flourish for all?