Using our Strengths to Make a Difference

2765597758_826a9e7c47_mA highlight of our workshop at the Symphony of Strengths Global Appreciative Inquiry Conference was the participant conversations around the following topic:

Thinking about the emerging Wisdom Age, and thinking about your strengths / capabilities / resources, what might help to make an amazing difference?

  • Integrate and synthesize information into an overall framework. Creating systems with a capacity for self-reflection so that they are able to reflect on their actions while they are doing them…..reflection in action… I'm a great typist. I passionately seek out alternative viewpoints and constructs to illuminate and transform stuff
  • Using the wisdom traditions from the past, using a facility with language and communication, as well as skills for teaching; we look forward to how to teach the next generations so that ideas can be built on and developed and amplified. We use what we know from teaching and technology to unite minds for more power and creativity; developing tools and processes for the next generation we expect the integration of the different waves of human evolution will transcend and include all levels.
  • Work on oneness, energy, higher levels of consciousness with proven methods; increased awareness of positive and negative energies.
  • Taking broad concepts and interrelating them to other concepts, synthesizing that and making it new and broader, bring a sense of possibilities, bringing in humor, imagination, encouraging resilience in the face of challenge, wisdom to the improvement of the world, vision, and alignment.
  • Help people think out loud, deeper presence with others, in tune with the world, courage, ability to connect with people, boldness, capacity for strategic synthesis, skilled with technology and cautious about how we'll use it, positive framing.
  • Kindness, poetic – appreciation of beauty, listener, nurturer, zeal, enthusiasm, share the practicalities, energy-driven.
  • To engage and connect people globally to share their collective wisdom for the betterment of the world.
  • Themes: connecting, synthesis, becoming whole, becoming one, growth and development, creativity, teaching, self-reflection, applying technology for the common good,leadership with humility.