Twitter and Me

being-alive-240x300 Twitter makes me happy because, it is FUN to participate, to discover people, ideas, learn many new things, go to new sites. It is ENGAGING, as I am fully absorbed, in the flow; I'm fully focused and before I know it, it's 3.30 a.m.  It is also MEANINGFUL, adding a value to my life that totally delights, and more importantly, in my world view, Twitter is adding value to humanity.  It is making our world better.

I declare my biases up front:   I'm one of those who look for meaning in everything.  I'm curious and I will look for the best in a situation.

How is Twitter making our world better?  Well, it is not only Twitter – it is the entire social media phenomenon.   And it's not the tools that are making our world beter – they are tools, enablers.  It's humankind's choices about how these tools are used is what makes the world better.

Somewhere else, I described Twitter as an emergent self-organizing system.  In the Twitterverse, it seems very quickly and without much effort we self-select into interest groups, drop into others for a visit, contribute, stay or move on.  It is the true Open Space Technology.  We begin to chose our networks and have our voice.  If we are neither contributing nor learning in one relationship, we use the law of the delete key.  What's the point hanging out where there isn't a mutuality of purpose or reciprocity?

Twitter has awakened me to knowing there is no void between us – the morphic energy fields – our collective consciousness is palpable.  I feel extraordinarily connected with so many more people through social media in an important way.  I honor their ideas and knowledge and experiences.  I feel a sense of responsbility of supporting them in their endeavors.  I am filled with hope and possibility.  How we can use these tools wisely to improve the conditions of  the sick, the hungry and those in despair in countries without such access is one big thinking exercise right now.

What's your highest vision for social media tools?