The Value of Positive Stories


How does it serve self and others to share stories, particularly focusing on the positive? Here's a quick response with a professional and a personal story.

Professional Story

Story Telling has become important in my work. My field of expertise is leadership and organizational development. I talk about corporate connections. We help leaders and their teams connect to the very best of who they are and what they do. Sharing stories is a big part of that; and I consciously direct the energy towards the positive. Organizations move in the direction of what we most frequently and systematically ask questions about.

Our methods tap into what already works and what the existing strengths are. It brings into the open what people care about and what matters and gives them joy. When we access positive emotional states we have great chance of producing positive actions. For example:

  • Joy produces playfulness innovation,
  • Confidence leads to creativity and being open to possibilities;
  • Love allows for deeper connections and relatedness

Love allows for deeper connection and relatedness. Follow your heart. That's I did. So to my personal story.

Personal Story

I followed my heart to another country. It wasn't the land that enticed me – although the land has great beauty – nor the need to escape to something different . It was a feeling of deep connection with another human being. A two hour meeting in Sydney, Australia, led to an email trail of story telling and even deeper connection to the point that separation was painful.

Many people have told me my story is inspiring. They admire my courage, my strength, my conviction and the honoring of myself. I am humbled by that. My story serves to demonstrate that sharing positive stories of success and joy brings out the best in people. It is an acknowledgment that everything we achieve is in connection with others. Passions and dreams are shared and commitments are made.

Concluding Story

When I get into a cab these day and after I have clicked into my seat belt, I ask the driver ” What's the best thing that has happened to you today?” From my back seat I notice his ears go up, a slight movement in his skull as he lifts his eyes to the rear vision mirror. The tired, strained eyes begin to twinkle “the best thing that happened to me today?” he repeats, and then he proceeds to tell me.

Do you think I had a positive impact on his day. And I most likely had a positive impact on others who got into his cab later that day.

The value of positive stories.