TEDx Talk on Playful Inquiry – Releasing Oxytocin

tedx talk on playful inquiry

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Shannon Winning @winningmedianj recently about my TEDxNavesink talk coming up on May 10th at the Two River Theater Company in Red Bank, NJ.

The theme for this TEDx event is “Play”.  It was a no brainer for me that “play” is a key outcome of engaging with people and groups through the lens of Appreciative Inquiry. When we ask people to discover the best of themselves and a situation, in their minds they access a positive resourceful state and there's a rush of oxytocin – the “hormone of attachment” and bottom line – you feel better!  A reservoir of positivity is unleashed.

Shannon's interview was a great example of being in the present moment.  We played together; and she embraced the intent and the success of my work. I appreciated her translation quoted below.

“From the very first question we ask, positive change begins,” Stratton-Berkessel said. “Why not ask what’s right, rather than what’s wrong? We ask what works, rather than what are the problems to be fixed.”

At TEDxNavesink 2014 Stratton-Berkessel will use her methodology to create an experience for attendees where their minds are framed positively, open to receive the most from presentations and to participate rather than watch. She’s keeping the specifics of her presentation under wraps, but Stratton-Berkessel did tell me that it will be interactive where audience members get a chance to play around with inquiry and its positive effects.

“When you open up to playful inquiry,” she said, “the fear drops away. You feel more courageous and open.”

With my TEDx talk will reveal how we can be more playful in our conversations, and I will facilitate an experience for the audience enabling them to access at least twelve positive emotions in under two minutes. (Update July 2014: With the event now complete, I've posted a blog entry about the event as well as a TEDx Talk Video here)