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Special Episode Overview

RSB Resized to 400 by 600 approxThis special episode of Positivity Strategist Podcast is a collaboration with RadioFlag and Polymash Podcast Production, for TEDx Navesink. Host Robyn Stratton-Berkessel invites Jennifer Hom to be her co-host.  They met while volunteering as speaker curators for this year’s TEDx Navesink event.  In this episode, they get together to talk about this year’s event to be held at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ. The theme of this year’s TEDx Navesink is “Accelerators”.   In the spirit of “ideas worth spreading,” TEDx Navesink brings you talks and entertainment acts in the course of a full day.

Episode Introduction

TEDx NavesinkHave you seen or heard of TED or TEDx Talks online? In the spirit of TED’s “ideas worth spreading,” TEDx Navesink is an independently organized 1-day conference in Monmouth County, NJ, licensed by TED. On Saturday, April 11th at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, NJ, TEDx Navesink 2015: Accelerators will offer over two dozen live talks and entertainment acts on how Accelerators are creating game-changing innovation and thought in an all-day event including free coffee and lunch — plus, there’s a separate evening dinner reception in historic Wilson Hall, the iconic site of Daddy Warbucks’ mansion in the 1982 film ‘Annie.’

For more details and tickets, please visit: www.tedxnavesink.com.


The theme of this TEDx Navesink event is “Accelerators.” Accelerators are: Catalysts; Change makers; Inflection points; and Pivotal moments that have led to rapid growth or change. They can be people, ideas, systems, technologies, organizations, and more.

Some of the talk titles Include: “Growing up in a Pornified Culture”; “Break Ups Don’t Have to Leave you Broken”; “Sanctioned Addiction”; “What’s Rape’s Brand?”; “The Power of Impatience”; “Race: Climate Change vs. Smart Money”; “Radio for an Empowered Generation”; “Shattering Records and Glass Ceilings”.  Listeners will get a sense of the scope and quality of these talks.

Positive and Negative Outcomes

Accelerators are often thought of as a trend of speeding up. However, there can also be reverse acceleration, or deceleration. Either acceleration or deceleration can lead to positive or negative outcomes. A number of our talks highlight these differences. For example, in the cases of “sanctioned addiction” and “the porning of pop culture”, Mitchell Delmar and Dr. Gail Dines respectively show how acceleration can lead to negative outcomes. In terms of how acceleration can lead to positive outcomes, the case of increasing the availability of books to children who don’t have ready access and the case of patient advocacy in the medical profession are powerful examples, given respectively by Abby Daly and Sarah Krüg.

To learn more about all talks on the theme of Accelerators, please visit TEDxNavesink, and visit regularly to see the videos which will be available after the event.

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