Changing Beliefs about Human Capacity – PS104

To close this Season, we reflect on Appreciative Voice and how the seven literacies are impacting our thinking and relationships. We share findings from our fieldwork; and, we introduce our new thinking and learning about human capacity: four assumptions of changing beliefs about what we're all capable of and how that might reframe our realities.

Finding the Future: Using our Voice to Shape the Future – PS 103

Anticipating what is possible and how we fuel it is the topic of this literacy: Finding the Future.  It helps if we envision a better future if we shift what's going on that isn't serving to that which is serving in any given situation.  It's very powerful to dream of something new and different and develop that muscle to search for our collective appreciative voice to shape the future.

Connecting the Collective: Dynamics, Dialogue, Decisions – PS102

Connecting the collective is the work of hearts and minds.  This literacy focuses us on living into the “we.” Connecting and belonging are the life-blood of human organizing and relationships. Starting conversations that are real and inclusive lifts up our appreciative voice.

Introducing Season 2: Appreciative Voice and Choice – PS95

What excites and inspires us particularly about Season 2 is that we introduce seven literacies for living and leading in these times. The literacies are grounded in the Principles of Appreciative Inquiry (AI). They provide a brand new way to find and increase our choices every moment of every day to help us lift up and use our appreciative voice.