How to Reach your Target Audience with your Higher Purpose – PS89

This episode offers positivity strategies of a highly commercial and very different kind.  I'm focusing on strategies for marketing and increasing visibility on the web. In this episode, my personal digital strategist shares high-level strategies about how to do just that.

How To Seek Out Inspiring Moments To Boost Positivity – PS 83

When are you inspired momentarily you are taken to a world outside yourself, yet you feel connected at the same time. You are moved. It could be you are lifted from your own self absorption or self-centeredness.  You shift to an awareness and reality that there are forces at play that are bigger than you, outside you; and yes! you are part of them and moved in a heartfelt way.

The Yoga of True Wealth is No Big Kept Secret – PS 78

Successful wealth management leader bears his soul to share how he overcame personal tragedy to find the yoga of true wealth – a spiritual journey that crosses faiths and taps into ancient wisdom traditions. An inspiring story, that is intensely personal, yet belongs to us all.

Being an Optimist is a Practical Pursuit – PS66

My guest is David the Optimist, David Mitran, from Craiova in Romania. We talk about David’s goal of writing a book which will be a practical guide to optimism and how he plans to do the research, fund it and release to the world. How David became a guest on my show is a fun story and we take it from there. What resonated for me was connection to others, open questions and story-telling!

Students and Business Leaders Hook up to be a Force for Good, with Roberta Baskin – PS58

AIM2flourish is the world’s first global action-learning platform showcasing business innovation that tackle some of our biggest challenges. Founded at Case Western University, business students across the globe use Appreciative Inquiry framed questions (AIM = Appreciative Inquiry Method) to search out and report on golden innovations that address the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

How to Stimulate Connection with Curiosity and Appreciation

In the video, a recording of International Podcast Day's live-streaming event, you'll learn more about Positivity Strategist Podcast. The show is an interview format where I talk with people who are positive change agents in all areas of life. It's a platform to showcase the work of those who are innovating social change and who serve as an inspiration to all.

How to have Inspiring Conversations in Early Childhood Leadership, With Susan MacDonald – PS54

Early Childhood Leadership specialist shares her experience with Appreciative Inquiry to improve program quality and inspire educators and leaders to design positive, strength-based change.

How Playful Collegial Collaboration Works from Kids to Executives, With Marge Schiller- PS53

Seasoned Appreciative Inquiry, Dr. Marge Schiller is at her best sharing stories. You’ll hear many great ones from how she first found AI to her latest dreams of changing education – a process of lifelong learning. Appreciative leadership comes at any age and collegial collaboration across generations is key.

How Appreciative Inquiry Questions Work, With Robyn Stratton-Berkessel – PS040

This episode is Part II of a two Part show. Kathy Becker interviews Robyn Stratton-Berkessel. Both are Appreciative Inquiry Practitioners and professional colleagues. We demonstrate how Appreciative Inquiry Questions work.

Decluttering Your Life With Good Design and Positivity, With Natalie Shell – PS038

Storytelling, good design, and decluttering the spaces in your life add up to some awesome positivity strategies. A fun episode with golden nuggets of wisdom.