Students and Business Leaders Hook up to be a Force for Good, with Roberta Baskin – PS58

AIM2flourish is the world’s first global action-learning platform showcasing business innovation that tackle some of our biggest challenges. Founded at Case Western University, business students across the globe use Appreciative Inquiry framed questions (AIM = Appreciative Inquiry Method) to search out and report on golden innovations that address the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The NICE Reboot – Entrepreneurial Know-How, with Penina Rybak – PS013

Women, entrepreneurs, passion, courage, mentors, positivity are topics covered in this episode with Penina Rybak, speaker and author of “The NICE Reboot.” This digital age is such a gift to women who live true to the feminine values of transparency, collaboration, and care. Access to thought leaders who can be virtual mentors and whose experiences and expertise is readily available on-line opens up unprecedented opportunities. Penina outlines how, despite personal health issues and the tragic loss of her own mentor and best friend, rebooted her life to be the bootstrapped entrepreneur she is today.

A Gift Received

“If you want to go fast, go alone If you want to go far, go with others” ~ African Proverb I received a gift last week. I have been basking in the glow of the support I received from my professional community, my colleagues, my friends, and friends of friends, and strangers.  Not only did […]

What Excites You?

“What are you excited about?” I love the question.  In my practice of Appreciative Inquiry, we say  it's the question that starts the change process.  A powerfully affirmative question inspires us to share stories about the successes and strengths I already know about and can celebrate.  Moreover, the question leads me to focus on what […]

Shift Technology Mindset from “I don’t need an iPad” to “I LOVE my iPad”

From “I don't need an iPad” to “I LOVE my iPad” How often I am witnessing that shift!  And, I wouldn't mind $100 for every time I've influenced a friend or colleague to invest in an iPad. It's a year since the iPad came on the market. At first, I admired it vicariously via my […]

Fun Creations

“It's one thing I'm really good at.” Fun creations. To be doing something you are good at and having fun and involving others in co-creating fun. That's participation, collaboration and engagement and playing to one's strengths!   The New York Times is talking about Matt Harding who seems to have fun doing what he's really good […]

2010: My Thoughts and Actions

This is the first full week of 2010.  As the New Year begins, I would like to extend best wishes for good health, an abundance of joy and prosperity to you all. I am excited about this new year – twenty ten!  I love saying it: twenty ten!  In March, twenty ten, my book will […]

Kolkata Cops Arresting Noise Pollution Virtually

I enjoyed reading the Times of India on the flight from Kathmandu to Delhi two days ago, November 23rd.  Getting a flavor of local color is a priority when you travel. An article, Red Light to Honking on Sundays by Krishnendu Bandyopadhyay, on page 2, I found particularly engaging at a number of levels. I […]

Let Passion be your Power

Life is what happens to us when we have other plans, is, I think, a paraphrase of John Lennon, the great lyricist of Beatles fame. Life Happens So when life happens, it can mean we are thrown off life's course as we have designed it.   Barriers and challenges get in the way of what we […]

Flourishing Destinies 1- The New News Media

So “flourishing” is forefront of my mind lately- see earlier post about our workshop at the recent 2009 BAWB Global Forum (Business as an Agent of World Benefit).  Therefore, it's not unusual that the reticular activating system (RAS) kicks in and “everything”, speaks to me of “flourishing”.  The antennae coming out of my temples are […]