Community Building Practices that Attend to Difference – Janet Newbury, Ph.D.

How do we participate in community building practices in ways that attend to difference? Ways that are genuinely committed to consider power relations and how they play out when working amidst differences? Attending to such interactions opens us to surprises, and adjusts our ideas and practices. What we encounter in community can shift our perspectives and impact the relationships with ourselves and others.

Transformative Community Conferencing – A Constructionist Approach to a More Hopeful Future – David Hooker, Ph.D.

Transformative community conferencing is an approach to community building or reconciliation. As a narrative practice, it embodies a more reflective orientation to relationships and to systems change. How and when we ask questions helps us think differently. It helps to begin to ask questions such as: “What is the narrative here? What is the story you are telling in relation to that narrative?” It enables people to engage and to flourish. When you look at events as stories you can always unpack them to make the narrative more visible to support flourishing for all.

Creating School Harmony with Social Constructionist Practices – Gro Lund, Ph.D.

Schooling is at a crossroads. The need for more relational ways of being in schools has been apparent for decades. Creating school harmony with social constructionist practices is one of the pathways to co-create a future for our children.

Positive Aging through the Lens of Social Construction – Mary Gergen, Ph.D.

Research into positive aging delivers findings that run counter to the traditional view of aging. Existing views tend to be negative and like to point out that the life span developmental curve is not wonderful for older people. Positive aging research and practice puts attention on the value of being optimistic, enjoying the potentials of older age and growing capacities over time.

Save The Date: Launching A Season Worth Waiting For

Save the Date for Season 5. It’s a collaboration with the Taos Institute. Our inquiry: What are the innovations that Social Construction is bringing to our world? If you are new to social constructionist ideas and curious, this season will give you a lovely introduction. You will be exploding with possibilities and ah ah moments, as our guests share over and over, having social construction as a thought partner and guide is liberating.