Shifting Power – Exciting Possibilities through Appreciative Inquiry With Tim Slack – PS55

In this conversation, we offer that Appreciative Inquiry is undergoing a sea change – a transformation – of its own. Appreciative Inquiry practitioners across the world continue to contribute to the growing number of practical and life-changing resources, expanding upon the traditional body of work that is Appreciative Inquiry and taking it to new contexts across the globe. We share stories and experiences that range from kids in schools, residents in hostels, surgeons and nurses in hospitals, curators in museums, students in universities, LGTBQ communities, clergy and members of churches and, potentially, women returning from combat.

Appreciative Inquiry – Unintended Consequence of App Development

It's been 1.5 years now since Juergen Berkessel and I co-founded Polymash, a creative agency with a focus on strategy development, app design and marketing for the mobile world.  Juergen is an artist and a technologist.  He comes from a professional photography background, graphic design and a long stint in IT and product development.  My […]

Appreciative Inquiry in Action – Outputs of Selling Skills Training Workshop: “Purpose-Driven Selling” NYC

The workshop in NYC last week was an uplifting experience.  26 people gathered to inquire into the affirmative topic, “Purpose-driven Selling”.  Many of the participants were independent consultants in the field of organization development or mediation, a number of whom had some experience with Appreciative Inquiry as a  way to engage groups in searching for […]

2010: My Thoughts and Actions

This is the first full week of 2010.  As the New Year begins, I would like to extend best wishes for good health, an abundance of joy and prosperity to you all. I am excited about this new year – twenty ten!  I love saying it: twenty ten!  In March, twenty ten, my book will […]

Kolkata Cops Arresting Noise Pollution Virtually

I enjoyed reading the Times of India on the flight from Kathmandu to Delhi two days ago, November 23rd.  Getting a flavor of local color is a priority when you travel. An article, Red Light to Honking on Sundays by Krishnendu Bandyopadhyay, on page 2, I found particularly engaging at a number of levels. I […]

Online Hosts Required.

Our planning for the 2009 Appreciative Inquiry Conference in Kathmandu, Nepal has revved up with less than 8 weeks to go.  Conference dates are November 16 – 19, 2009. We are offering some great presentations and workshops online using iCohere collaborative platform and we are seeking a number of volunteer online hosts who will be […]

Let Passion be your Power

Life is what happens to us when we have other plans, is, I think, a paraphrase of John Lennon, the great lyricist of Beatles fame. Life Happens So when life happens, it can mean we are thrown off life's course as we have designed it.   Barriers and challenges get in the way of what we […]

What is the world calling for?

Tipping Point of Consciousness & Service What the world is calling for is much clearer than it has ever been.  We have started to think more consciously of ensuring the future for generations to come.  There is a collective ground swell to serve.  In the second decade of the 21st, the world really has changed. […]

Twitter and Me

Twitter makes me happy because, it is FUN to participate, to discover people, ideas, learn many new things, go to new sites. It is ENGAGING, as I am fully absorbed, in the flow; I'm fully focused and before I know it, it's 3.30 a.m.  It is also MEANINGFUL, adding a value to my life that […]

Positive Acts of Service

When we perform acts of service, no matter how tiny, we experience a positive affect and that leads to more positive actions, and the recipient, if there is one, shows gratitude, and is likely to also perform some positive future action.