A Big Announcement – Positivity Strategist Changing with the Times – PS94

I’m making a big announcement in this episode.  My brand is all about positive change, and if I didn’t practice that, then you could say I’m not practicing what I preach.  I’m excited to be trying something new again.  My podcast is changing with the times.  We are changing to a season format. I invite you to find out more.

How to Start and Sustain Conversations Worth Having – PS93

If I invited you to think back to the last conversation can you remember, what that was like?  It may have been minutes ago, hours ago or days ago. And how did it make you feel?   How do you think it made the other person feel?  Was your conversation uplifting and energizing?  Did you ensure it had a tone good?  Did it go in a direction you all wanted?  Or, was it just blah or neutral or nothing special – same old, same old – just going through the motions? Or, was it upsetting and negative and left you drained of energy and frustrated and feeling stuck? 

Building Leadership Resilience with Appreciative Inquiry – PS92

A conversation that will awaken your heart and mind and have you wanting to adopt practices to build your resilience. Building resilience increases the ability to weather storms and come out stronger in formal and informal leadership roles. This conversation addresses specifically appreciative resilience and leadership and how to traverse the ever-changing landscapes of hope, despair, and forgiveness which overlap to build appreciative resilience.

What More Would You Like To Know About Learning Leaders – PS91

Imagine what's possible when vast numbers of inter-disciplinary groups are engaging in dialogue regarding learning and leadership. Many inspiring stories of learning leaders in this issue of the International Journal of Appreciative Inquiry will engage, inspire and invite you to reflect on yourself and others as learners and leaders.

Strategies to Increase Visibility on the Web Focusing on Cornerstone Content – PS90

One approach to cornerstone content is to create a hero “cornerstone content” episode for each of your blog or podcast categories. All the other blogs or podcast episodes in the category should then refer to and link to this post. It is basically the concept of blog or podcast themes, which you may already be doing or may have done before.

How to Reach your Target Audience with your Higher Purpose – PS89

This episode offers positivity strategies of a highly commercial and very different kind.  I'm focusing on strategies for marketing and increasing visibility on the web. In this episode, my personal digital strategist shares high-level strategies about how to do just that.

Positive Questions Work to Help with Trust Issues, and Enhance Learning – PS 88

Positive Questions Work Change is a subject and an experience that brings up so many issues for all of us.  Who hasn’t been through change? I focus on how asking questions is the first invitation to change.  We say the first question starts the change. It triggers emotions, feeling, thoughts, memories, beliefs and even actions. […]

A Simple Framework to Deal with Change, Yours or Other People’s – PS87

How to deal with change? It's a question that comes up frequently. Afterall, we know change is happening all the time all around us. All is in a state of flux, nothing stays still. Some changes we initiate others are thrust upon us. Changes that we ourselves initiate can paradoxically be more challenging than changes that are imposed on us by others. We sometimes have to make really tough decisions and they can be the hardest to implement.

What You Need To Know About Appreciative Journaling – PS86

Positive psychology and neuroscience teach us about the mind-body connection, reinforcing the value of appreciative journaling. The very act of putting a pen to paper to prompt yourself to write about something that you can access that had a positive impact on you has an extraordinary effect. Appreciative journaling leads to increased self-awareness, at any age, building the appreciative muscle and strengthening positive emotions of resilience, mindfulness, gratitude, changing habits and lives.

Positive Education 2018 – an Appreciative Inquiry Summit – PS 85

Molly McGuigan's special talents and background enable her to be the project lead for a truly significant global undertaking on the topic of positive education 2018 that will extend way into the future.  The World Positive Education Accelerator  (WPEA) is a four-day conference including a three-day Appreciative Inquiry Summit.  It's a massive collaboration of global players who've been actively bringing positive education into school systems all over the world.  There are many, success stories to be shared and many, many more to co-create.