What You Study Grows – Appreciative Inquiry Principle

What you study grows A key Appreciative Inquiry Principle is what you study grows…. or, what you focus on grows, or, said in other words: where you put your attention, action follows. That's not trivial.  It is written in ancient scriptures, “seek and you will find”, “ask and you will receive”.

Playful Inquiry – TEDxNavesink Talk and Video

“What is the best thing that happened to you today?” My opening lines for my TEDx talk.  It opened up playful inquiry at TEDxNavesink. I had the great honor of giving a talk entitled: “Playful Inquiry – Try this Anywhere.” The idea worth spreading in my talk is to build connection and relationship with people […]

Growing into Better Relationships

Many years ago in my first management role, in Sydney Australia, I was Account and PR Executive of a large international cosmetics corporation. It was the leading cosmetics organization in the US and in Australia.  I loved my job and took it, and, myself very seriously.  I worked hard and I felt I needed to prove myself. […]