Increase Your Self-Awareness with Four Easy Practices

What are you noticing about your use of words and how you describe things? It's a good idea to begin to become aware and notice the words you use and the metaphors you use to describe people, places and institutions.

What are Appreciative Inquiry Principles?

Our world is calling for conversations that focus on what lifts us up and what we value about each other.

Importance of Stories

Telling Stories and Constructing Narratives We are all storytellers with our own stories to tell. We depend on a regular narrative to help us navigate through our days. We tell each other stories every day: at home with our families, at work with our colleagues and clients, at play with our mates, and in romance […]

Positive Principle Leads to Greater Well-being

The Positive Principle speaks to the need for large amounts of positive focus through deliberate choice of language and affirmative questions to discover the most uplifting stories that inspire possibility thinking and thriving futures.