Feelings of Hope Keep Us Going in the Most Challenging Times – PS84

One way to boost your positivity is to imagine a better future, whatever difficulty you’re in. When you have a more positive image of your future, you evoke positive emotions – one of which is feelings of hope. It’s hope that reminds us that there is always a good chance we can turn things around. Never give up!

How To Seek Out Inspiring Moments To Boost Positivity – PS 83

When are you inspired momentarily you are taken to a world outside yourself, yet you feel connected at the same time. You are moved. It could be you are lifted from your own self absorption or self-centeredness.  You shift to an awareness and reality that there are forces at play that are bigger than you, outside you; and yes! you are part of them and moved in a heartfelt way.

Acts of Kindness are Micro Moments of Connection – PS82

You’ve heard of “count your blessings” how about “count your kindnesses?” When you show kindness through a genuine smile, through an authentic compliment, through a caring gesture, your positive emotions expand. You connect with others with your kindnesses. If you can build those micro-moments of connection every day, your positivity will strengthen.

Strengthening Gratitude Brings an Abundance of Benefits – PS 81

Showing gratefulness is right up there when it comes to boosting your positivity, because when you experience gratefulness from the heart, it comes out of genuine appreciation.  You feel you have been given a gift or recognition of some kind.  And you respond with gratefulness. A great start is to just reflect on the small stuff.  What are you grateful for?  Stop to smell the roses, as they say.

A Genuine Smile Will Help Strengthen Positivity In Your Life – PS80

I’m offering you ways to strengthen positivity. You’ll learn to be more positive even if your life is in chaos. You’ll be able to apply these simple practices whenever you feel the need to lift your spirits and your energy.

The Yoga of True Wealth is No Big Kept Secret – PS 78

Successful wealth management leader bears his soul to share how he overcame personal tragedy to find the yoga of true wealth – a spiritual journey that crosses faiths and taps into ancient wisdom traditions. An inspiring story, that is intensely personal, yet belongs to us all.

Personal Reflections on Appreciative Voice – PS 72

Appreciative Inquiry  Principles offer us a framework to practice our appreciative voice so we can bring more of it to the world. The guiding principles that help us connect with others in ways that serve not only ourselves but others, too.

How to Whip up Wellbeing with Five Brain-based Strategies – PS 063

Dr Judy Krings talks to us about coaching through the lens of neuroscience and how to make it easy. Her focus is on practical doable actions that are grounded in neuroscience. Knowing how our brains process data coming in and data existing already in our minds, hearts and bodies can really help coaches and their clients, and not only coaches, but all of us. Knowledge is power, as they say. And having some knowledge about how our brain works, can only help us be more powerful!

How to Stimulate Connection with Curiosity and Appreciation

In the video, a recording of International Podcast Day's live-streaming event, you'll learn more about Positivity Strategist Podcast. The show is an interview format where I talk with people who are positive change agents in all areas of life. It's a platform to showcase the work of those who are innovating social change and who serve as an inspiration to all.

Synchronicity: An Exciting Emergent Principle in Appreciative Inquiry – PS56

What started out as research into positive employee engagement led Professor Tom Myers of Robert E. Stiller School of Business at Champlain College in Burlington VT to look no further than his own ancestors who had created a hugely successful, trailblazing business in the 1800 and early 1900s. They offered employees benefits that would rival most companies today. What abounded for Tom was the myriad of synchronicities and opened him to “seeing the connections.” His research leads him to the question: Could Synchronicity be an emergent principle in the field of Appreciative Inquiry?

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