A Big Announcement – Positivity Strategist Changing with the Times – PS94

I’m making a big announcement in this episode.  My brand is all about positive change, and if I didn’t practice that, then you could say I’m not practicing what I preach.  I’m excited to be trying something new again.  My podcast is changing with the times.  We are changing to a season format. I invite you to find out more.

Building Leadership Resilience with Appreciative Inquiry – PS92

A conversation that will awaken your heart and mind and have you wanting to adopt practices to build your resilience. Building resilience increases the ability to weather storms and come out stronger in formal and informal leadership roles. This conversation addresses specifically appreciative resilience and leadership and how to traverse the ever-changing landscapes of hope, despair, and forgiveness which overlap to build appreciative resilience.

Positive Questions Work to Help with Trust Issues, and Enhance Learning – PS 88

Positive Questions Work Change is a subject and an experience that brings up so many issues for all of us.  Who hasn’t been through change? I focus on how asking questions is the first invitation to change.  We say the first question starts the change. It triggers emotions, feeling, thoughts, memories, beliefs and even actions. […]

A Simple Framework to Deal with Change, Yours or Other People’s – PS87

How to deal with change? It's a question that comes up frequently. Afterall, we know change is happening all the time all around us. All is in a state of flux, nothing stays still. Some changes we initiate others are thrust upon us. Changes that we ourselves initiate can paradoxically be more challenging than changes that are imposed on us by others. We sometimes have to make really tough decisions and they can be the hardest to implement.

How To Seek Out Inspiring Moments To Boost Positivity – PS 83

When are you inspired momentarily you are taken to a world outside yourself, yet you feel connected at the same time. You are moved. It could be you are lifted from your own self absorption or self-centeredness.  You shift to an awareness and reality that there are forces at play that are bigger than you, outside you; and yes! you are part of them and moved in a heartfelt way.

Mindfulness Coach Explains It’s Not Just About Following Your Breath – PS79

You'll take some golden nuggets away from this episode, especially if you feel you're too busy, overwhelmed, stressed, or simply a little depleted, because my guest today, mindfulness coach, Meg Salter knows all too well about facing the complexities of our ever changing world,   You will hear stories and practices that may just help you make some positive changes in your life.

What is an Appreciative Voice in Your World?

An appreciative voice provides safety for others to speak their truths. It is invitational and watchful. An appreciative voice is unhurried and patient. It can reframe situations to be helpful and resourceful. It is flexible. The appreciative voice is inclusive. It acknowledges diversity and identifies opportunities to offer possibilities to hold the space for transformational shifts to emerge.

Come up for AIR and Experience your Energy Soar – PS 71

Seasoned practitioner, coach and mentor, Mo McKenna shares insights, innovations and wisdom. She offers you an experience that is similar to when you've been holding breath for far too long, and then the moment of release happens. It's a beautiful release of tension as when you come up for air.  

Innovative Ways that Inspire Human Flourishing for All

When did you last come away from an experience that had such an impact on you that you were filled with a joy and a hope that transformed you? You witnessed human flourishing and unity with others. You felt inspired by the conversations and connections. You felt alive, energized and a sense of wholeness, oneness and community that sent peace and infinite hope for what else is possible cursing through your body.

How an Intimate Conversation can Strengthen the Collective – PS65

In this dialogue what unfolds is that it's the intimate conversation you have with another that potentially changes you and the other can expand to strengthen humanity's collective capacity to bring about personal and social change and even transformation.