How to Learn and Practice Happiness, with Mark Jaffe – PS60

Mark Jaffe, author of “Suitcase of Happyness” offers a roadmap to achieve and enjoy your happiest life. He outlines how to learn and practice happiness, to create a life that cultivates happy moments so they compound over time thereby resulting in your leaving a legacy for others.

Meaningful Conversations can Transform You and Your World – PS57

At this time when we are experiencing enormous cultural and technological changes, we possesses tremendous potential to enhance our collective social well-being. Through carefully designed experiences, WiseTribe connects people of diverse ages, ethnicities, and professions to share strengths, dreams, possibilities and convert them into action-based learning projects. Appreciative Inquiry has been the framework to start such meaningful conversations.

Why Your Workplace Culture Needs Play

In workplaces, we could say free play is where we’re given free rein to use our imaginations, our inventiveness, our resourcefulness, and find our innate leadership, and followership. We have opportunity to experiment and try, try again. Determination, tenacity and courage are developed. With free play, creativity rises to the top and failure is a non-issue.

How Love, Passion and Joy Inspire Profits, With Sue Elliott – PS014

Conscious Capitalism, Law of Attraction, writer, speaker, editor-in-chief of magazines and personal development coach Sue Elliot provides a plethora of ideas, tips and strategies to bring more love and joy into all areas of your life. You’ll be energized and uplifted by her insights and stories.

Shifting from linear to holistic design

Organizational cultures vary, just as human personalities vary. Many are embracing methods and tools that bring all voices to the table. Participatory, inclusive decision-making practices and use of collaborative tools and technologies, along with social media platforms to level the playing field are becoming more common, facilitating our capacity to be more experimental, productive, playful, and engaged.

Strengths and Superpowers

We all have superpowers – talents and strengths so that when we are working with them, we are closer to performing at our peak more than at any other time.

The Fullness of Being Alive

When asked by Bill Moyers “what is the meaning of life?” Joseph Campbell replied, “I don't believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.” The Fullness of Being Alive How so absolutely real is that!  After visiting India and Nepal, and being […]

The Power of Positive Questions

The power of positive questions was the topic of my interview on the Greatness Zone with host, Jay Forte.  Jay's work is to provide talent and strength-based tools to help people live extraordinary lives, so we had a good affinity. Jay had seen my TEDxNavesink talk, Playful Inquiry – Try this Anywhere  and simply loved my opening […]

TEDx Talk on Playful Inquiry – Releasing Oxytocin

I had the pleasure to be interviewed by Shannon Winning @winningmedianj recently about my TEDxNavesink talk coming up on May 10th at the Two River Theater Company in Red Bank, NJ. The theme for this TEDx event is “Play”.  It was a no brainer for me that “play” is a key outcome of engaging with […]

Shift Technology Mindset from “I don’t need an iPad” to “I LOVE my iPad”

From “I don't need an iPad” to “I LOVE my iPad” How often I am witnessing that shift!  And, I wouldn't mind $100 for every time I've influenced a friend or colleague to invest in an iPad. It's a year since the iPad came on the market. At first, I admired it vicariously via my […]