Shift Technology Mindset from “I don’t need an iPad” to “I LOVE my iPad”

From “I don't need an iPad” to “I LOVE my iPad” How often I am witnessing that shift!  And, I wouldn't mind $100 for every time I've influenced a friend or colleague to invest in an iPad. It's a year since the iPad came on the market. At first, I admired it vicariously via my […]

Holistic Leadership

The call of our time now is for a holistic leadership vision that will guide us into the future, a vision based on equity, justice, prosperity, compassion, and the recognition of our interdependence. The role businesses and professions can play is critical and essential. There are increasing numbers of organizations that are proactively positioning themselves […]

Immersive Learning on Tablets

Serendipitously, on three occasions in as many days, I have been in the presence of three 3 year olds (just love all those 3's).  Each time, I was filled up with joy watching them engage with content on their iPads. First time, we were at dinner with a couple when their three year old pulled […]

The New Paradigm Life

The response to the following question Michelle James put to Annalie Killian, resonates loudly. (Link to the full interview below) Q: What do you see as the New Paradigm of Work? Killian: The new paradigm is about Life. One life, and work is part of that life and increasingly these two blend like fluids. Much […]

Appreciative Inquiry Workshop and World Cafe Blend: Farms in the City, Jersey City

The structure and the process take participants immediately into a state of valuing themselves and others present in the room (and may not be present in the room), and quickly moves them into imagining what they have the power to collectively co-create. It is so important not to short-circuit or derail the creative sharing opportunity.

Appreciative Inquiry in Action – Outputs of Selling Skills Training Workshop: “Purpose-Driven Selling” NYC

The workshop in NYC last week was an uplifting experience.  26 people gathered to inquire into the affirmative topic, “Purpose-driven Selling”.  Many of the participants were independent consultants in the field of organization development or mediation, a number of whom had some experience with Appreciative Inquiry as a  way to engage groups in searching for […]

Appreciative Inquiry in Action: Purpose-Driven Selling Workshop NYC – Selling Skills Training

Workshop details – FREE Wednesday, July 28 2010 5:45 – 8:00 PM You're invited to experience Appreciative Inquiry in Action and discover your strengths in relation to selling. If you think you can't sell, or wish to improve, come along to this workshop on the affirmative topic of PURPOSE-DRIVEN SELLING and discover strengths you did […]

Conference Highlights: Stories of Appreciative Inquiry In Nepal, NYC Event

For those who may be in New York City on Tuesday, March 23, 2010, you are welcome to join us as we share conference highlights from the 2009 Global Appreciative Inquiry (AI) Conference in Nepal. How to register for this free event. This was the most diverse AI conference to date: the location, Kathmandu, Nepal, […]

Appreciative Collaborations: Collaborative Inquiry

Buyers of my book, ‘Appreciative Inquiry for Collaborative Solutions‘ have been emailing me with the most heartfelt comments. They are saying how they are inspired by its content. I am equally inspired by their responses, so I've created a comment area on my blog for us to continue sharing ideas, stories, experiences, insights and aspirations. Below […]

My new book is published!

To my delight and surprise, I arrived home from traveling this week to find a box from my publisher, Wiley on my desk (sweetly rescued from the snow by my neighbor) containing 10 copies of my new book, Appreciative Inquiry for Collaborative Solutions: 21 Strength-Based Workshops. My publisher had emailed me 3 days earlier with […]