Reflecting on the Topic of Appreciative Leading – PS116

Reflecting on all the delicious diversity of perspectives on the topic of Appreciative Leading including stories on the significance of the relational process, connection, collaboration, love.

Acts of Kindness are Micro Moments of Connection – PS82

You’ve heard of “count your blessings” how about “count your kindnesses?” When you show kindness through a genuine smile, through an authentic compliment, through a caring gesture, your positive emotions expand. You connect with others with your kindnesses. If you can build those micro-moments of connection every day, your positivity will strengthen.

The Yoga of True Wealth is No Big Kept Secret – PS 78

Successful wealth management leader bears his soul to share how he overcame personal tragedy to find the yoga of true wealth – a spiritual journey that crosses faiths and taps into ancient wisdom traditions. An inspiring story, that is intensely personal, yet belongs to us all.

What Hurricane Irma Did for Me – PS74

From the moment we lined up to register at the local high school shelter, there was a visual smorgasbord of diversity. Young and old, black, white and in-between, two legs, one leg, and four legs – dogs, cats, chickens, parrots, hamsters. Once you registered, you were required to stay the duration – there was no reserving a place just in case. Lights were out at 10 and when lockdown happened there was no leaving the block you lived in.

What You Need To Know About Love and Leadership, With Lance Secretan – PS050

We explore the topic of Love – in a very personal sense – and also what love has got to do with leadership.  Dr. Lance Secretan’s latest book – 16th book –  is not a leadership book per se.  It’s a love story.  In fact, the title of the book is: “A love Story – an intensely personal memoir.” Yet, when you explore the concepts about love in this book, you realize love impacts every part of us at home and at work. With love in our lives, we inspire.

7 Positive Relationship Tips to Make Love Last, with Dr Judy Krings – PS019

My guest on Positivity Strategist is Dr Judy Krings, a personal and professional positive psychology life coach, clinical psychologist and positivity coach trainer. We talk about revving up resilience in relationships, which is the focus of her latest book, “Rev Up Your Relationship Resilience: 7 Positive Psychology Tips to Make Love Last. ” It’s a gorgeous book in all ways: beautiful to look out with heart-felt language and valuable messages. It contains 140 positive tips and strategies and 70 personal beautiful photographs. This Book, like Judy exudes warmth, love, experiences and expertise.

How Love, Passion and Joy Inspire Profits, With Sue Elliott – PS014

Conscious Capitalism, Law of Attraction, writer, speaker, editor-in-chief of magazines and personal development coach Sue Elliot provides a plethora of ideas, tips and strategies to bring more love and joy into all areas of your life. You’ll be energized and uplifted by her insights and stories.

Finding Your Superpower For Peak Performance, with Johann Gauthier – PS009

A conversation around shifting traditional “workplaces” into “places of work” where, through playful reinvention, leaders connect to their true spirit, and are energized to empower others to have their voice, to be spirited, playful and thrive.

Let Love be our Guide

The time to talk Love, to think Love, to show Love, to give Love, to receive Love, to acknowledge and appreciate Love is just as essential in the world as 2013 approaches as it has always been.  Love is the greatest universal positive attribute. As a species, we need Love.  The universal human story is […]

What You Focus on Grows – Appreciative Inquiry

Through our Appreciative Inquiry lens, we consciously seek out that which we want more of, not less—hence what we focus on are the solutions and outcomes we wish to create.