Reflecting on the Topic of Appreciative Leading – PS116

Reflecting on all the delicious diversity of perspectives on the topic of Appreciative Leading including stories on the significance of the relational process, connection, collaboration, love.

Going Meta to Appreciative Leading with Sheila McNamee – PS115

Going meta on the topic of Appreciative Leading. Sheila McNamee offers us the social constructionist's perspective: what leading means as a relational process rather than as an individual's characteristics, traits or skills.

Collaboration in Healthcare Using Appreciative Inquiry – PS113

Applying Appreciative Inquiry in framing conversations to build the partnerships and strengthen collaboration in healthcare. Storytelling is a way to pull forward the positive from the past to envision more positive futures.

How to Bring the New to Life – Generative Journalism – PS107

Generative Journalism enables something about the relationship or something that's happening in relationship to emarge. Learning to be present requires a great deal of personal growth and a willingness to be open and vulnerable in the world and in the work while also being sensible and strong.

Inspirational Stories About Appreciative Leading: What Are They? PS 106

Leading is much more than having the title of leader or being engaged in the process of leadership. Leading can be a deliberate and conscious act, and it can come from spontaneity and impulse. It's about innovation and making a difference. Excerpts from inspirational stories show the way.