How to Create a Flourishing Enterprise – Appreciative Leading – PS108

A story about creating a culture to bring extraordinary health and happiness inside and outside the organization to become a truly flourishing enterprise in all ways. The Appreciative Inquiry summit is a really powerful, magical event.

How to Bring the New to Life – Generative Journalism – PS107

Generative Journalism enables something about the relationship or something that's happening in relationship to emarge. Learning to be present requires a great deal of personal growth and a willingness to be open and vulnerable in the world and in the work while also being sensible and strong.

Inspirational Stories About Appreciative Leading: What Are They? PS 106

Leading is much more than having the title of leader or being engaged in the process of leadership. Leading can be a deliberate and conscious act, and it can come from spontaneity and impulse. It's about innovation and making a difference. Excerpts from inspirational stories show the way.

What is Appreciative Leading? Who’s Leading the Way?

In Season 3, Appreciative Leading, beautiful guests share their experiences of leading from an appreciative mindset with appreciative principles and practices. I am excited to speak with business leaders and entrepreneurs, and professionals.

Come up for AIR and Experience your Energy Soar – PS 71

Seasoned practitioner, coach and mentor, Mo McKenna shares insights, innovations and wisdom. She offers you an experience that is similar to when you've been holding breath for far too long, and then the moment of release happens. It's a beautiful release of tension as when you come up for air.  

When You Do Good, You Feel Good

The CEO of a multimillion dollar company was in the office building elevator one day going down to lunch from his executive suite on level 77. Several floors down three employees stepped into the same elevator all very engaged in a conversation. They paid no attention to him – the CEO – standing in the elevator.

What You Need To Know About Love and Leadership, With Lance Secretan – PS050

We explore the topic of Love – in a very personal sense – and also what love has got to do with leadership.  Dr. Lance Secretan’s latest book – 16th book –  is not a leadership book per se.  It’s a love story.  In fact, the title of the book is: “A love Story – an intensely personal memoir.” Yet, when you explore the concepts about love in this book, you realize love impacts every part of us at home and at work. With love in our lives, we inspire.

Why Strengths Based Coaching Helps Overcome Weaknesses

In the six months' coaching each young woman went through a transformation. They reported relationships that had been challenging become easier. They felt less stressed because they invested their efforts in their strengths and found ways to manage weaknesses, meaning they become more productive and and experienced more joy in their work.

Resilient Leadership And The FABULOUS Principle, With Barbara Rubel – PS028

It is often a past loss that propels women to become innovative trailblazers, mentors, and leaders. If they are able to find solutions to deal with their losses then they can problem solve anything. To build a business, leaders have to build their resilience. Guest, Barbara Rubel shares her FABULOUS Principle is an acronym for eight core competencies that influence women entrepreneurs to grow from their experience of loss into resilient leadership.

Investing in Organizations for the Greatest Return

The existing paradigm of focus first on weakness is played out every day in most of our homes, our schools, our institutions, our place of work and worship. We focus on the things that “need fixing”. We invest energy, money, time, intellect, emotion into things that don’t work for us instead of putting energies into those things that will give us an easier and a much-amplified return for our efforts and investments. Simply, what we focus on grows.