Reflecting on the Topic of Appreciative Leading – PS116

Reflecting on all the delicious diversity of perspectives on the topic of Appreciative Leading including stories on the significance of the relational process, connection, collaboration, love.

Going Meta to Appreciative Leading with Sheila McNamee – PS115

Going meta on the topic of Appreciative Leading. Sheila McNamee offers us the social constructionist's perspective: what leading means as a relational process rather than as an individual's characteristics, traits or skills.

Seven Strategies for Appreciative Leading in Challenging Times – PS 112

When leading in challenging times, what if we asked questions about what is going right rather than what is going wrong? Where would people's energy go?

J. Kim Wright, Law, Peacemakers, Appreciative Leading – PS110

J. Kim Wright: “Lawyers, in general, have much higher rates of addiction and suicide. Yet, people who were practicing these new holistic ways were much healthier. I took that on. My mission was to learn about this and to bring this message to the mainstream.”

How to Create a Flourishing Enterprise – Appreciative Leading – PS108

A story about creating a culture to bring extraordinary health and happiness inside and outside the organization to become a truly flourishing enterprise in all ways. The Appreciative Inquiry summit is a really powerful, magical event.

Business Leaders, Professors and Students Expose Flourishing Enterprises – PS68

Picture this: 300 highly conscious people in the room – many reconnecting – so lots of hugging and laughter – and many making connections for the first time with people they knew only by reputation or virtually. It was joyful. We were excited to come together to inquire into the topic of “Discovering Flourishing Enterprise: the Key to Great Performance.”