Change your Story, Change your Life

Whether you acknowledge it or not, you are a story teller and you depend on a regular narrative to help you navigate through your days. You tell stories everyday: at home with your family, at work with your colleagues and clients, at play with your mates, and in romance with your lovers. Who you hang out with informs your narrative, your story.

The Power of Positive Questions

The power of positive questions was the topic of my interview on the Greatness Zone with host, Jay Forte.  Jay's work is to provide talent and strength-based tools to help people live extraordinary lives, so we had a good affinity. Jay had seen my TEDxNavesink talk, Playful Inquiry – Try this Anywhere  and simply loved my opening […]

We See the World as We Are

Jenny's Story – Constructionist Principle My friend from childhood, Jenny, is a nurse, a wife, an animal lover, excellent gardner, a great cook and a talented artist.  I love her deeply.  She’s my dear friend, and even though we’ve had some challenges, and times of separation over the years, we continue to be there for […]

Let Love be our Guide

The time to talk Love, to think Love, to show Love, to give Love, to receive Love, to acknowledge and appreciate Love is just as essential in the world as 2013 approaches as it has always been.  Love is the greatest universal positive attribute. As a species, we need Love.  The universal human story is […]

What Excites You?

“What are you excited about?” I love the question.  In my practice of Appreciative Inquiry, we say  it's the question that starts the change process.  A powerfully affirmative question inspires us to share stories about the successes and strengths I already know about and can celebrate.  Moreover, the question leads me to focus on what […]

Appreciative Inquiry Workshop and World Cafe Blend: Farms in the City, Jersey City

The structure and the process take participants immediately into a state of valuing themselves and others present in the room (and may not be present in the room), and quickly moves them into imagining what they have the power to collectively co-create. It is so important not to short-circuit or derail the creative sharing opportunity.