Kindling Kindness: Raising our Capacity for Cultivating Compassion – PS99

In cultivating compassion, we grow empathy and positive regard for self and others. It encourages us to train our hearts and minds to stay open and offer our best to others.  Growing our understanding of difference, attending to small ways to connect with others, developing our own inner resource to be of service are some of the habits of this literacy.

Just Listen: The Secret to Getting Through to Anyone, With Mark Goulston – PS036

Just Listen: Secret to Getting Through to Anyone. Strategies to help you improve your listening so that you connect at a deep, heartfelt level with anyone.

Positive Acts of Service

When we perform acts of service, no matter how tiny, we experience a positive affect and that leads to more positive actions, and the recipient, if there is one, shows gratitude, and is likely to also perform some positive future action.