How to Learn and Practice Happiness, with Mark Jaffe – PS60

Mark Jaffe, author of “Suitcase of Happyness” offers a roadmap to achieve and enjoy your happiest life. He outlines how to learn and practice happiness, to create a life that cultivates happy moments so they compound over time thereby resulting in your leaving a legacy for others.

3 Steps to Appreciative Living With Joy Engineer, Jackie Kelm – PS016

Host, Robyn Stratton-Berkessel, Positivity Strategist and Jackie Kelm The Joy Engineer of Appreciative living engage in conversation and share stories about their passion for Appreciative Inquiry, the strength-based, positive change methodology. Jackie shares her 3 step Appreciative Living process to bringing greater joy into your life whatever the situation, and move beyond our cultural negativity bias.

Finding Your Superpower For Peak Performance, with Johann Gauthier – PS009

A conversation around shifting traditional “workplaces” into “places of work” where, through playful reinvention, leaders connect to their true spirit, and are energized to empower others to have their voice, to be spirited, playful and thrive.

The Fullness of Being Alive

When asked by Bill Moyers “what is the meaning of life?” Joseph Campbell replied, “I don't believe people are looking for the meaning of life as much as they are looking for the experience of being alive.” The Fullness of Being Alive How so absolutely real is that!  After visiting India and Nepal, and being […]

The Value of Positive Stories

  How does it serve self and others to share stories, particularly focusing on the positive? Here's a quick response with a professional and a personal story. Professional Story Story Telling has become important in my work. My field of expertise is leadership and organizational development. I talk about corporate connections. We help leaders and […]

Playful Co-creation – Creative Collaboration

Creative Collaboration A highlight from our Broaden and Build session at the Positive Change Conference. We provided the experience of connecting to our creativity that flows from play, a joyful, fun state. After a series of playful warm-ups, including introducing the word EUNOIA, the shortest word in the English language containing all five vowels and […]