Positive Aging through the Lens of Social Construction – Mary Gergen, Ph.D.

Research into positive aging delivers findings that run counter to the traditional view of aging. Existing views tend to be negative and like to point out that the life span developmental curve is not wonderful for older people. Positive aging research and practice puts attention on the value of being optimistic, enjoying the potentials of older age and growing capacities over time.

Mindfulness For Chocolate Lovers – A Sweet, Embodying Practice

Mindfulness for chocolate lovers introduces a lighthearted way to stress less and savor more each day, offering a more playful and sweeter life. This is appreciative embodying in a tasteful, olfactory way! And you don't even have to eat the chocolate.

How Being Still Super Charges Your Aliveness

Being still is a precursor to truly listening, paying attention and opening up to possibilities, novelty creativity and aliveness. What is beckoning you? Racing around may be helpful, but being still could be even more helpful.

Strategic Planning is More Exciting As A Community Conversation – PS109

Creating a community conversation for input into our strategic plan to tap into the energy, passion, excitement and good ideas across our community, thereby helping us to navigate these very interesting times in higher education.

How to Create a Flourishing Enterprise – Appreciative Leading – PS108

A story about creating a culture to bring extraordinary health and happiness inside and outside the organization to become a truly flourishing enterprise in all ways. The Appreciative Inquiry summit is a really powerful, magical event.

Inspirational Stories About Appreciative Leading: What Are They? PS 106

Leading is much more than having the title of leader or being engaged in the process of leadership. Leading can be a deliberate and conscious act, and it can come from spontaneity and impulse. It's about innovation and making a difference. Excerpts from inspirational stories show the way.

Disrupt You! The Keys to Master Personal Transformation, With Jay Samit – PS041

Serial entrepreneur and author, Jay Samit speaks on personal transformation, purpose, innovation and being at your best.

Innovation for Positive Sustainable Development, with Nadya Zhexembayeva – PS018

Business owner, author, speaker, international consultant on innovation, leadership and sustainable development, Nadya Zhexembayeva talks about her experiences working in the field of innovative, intelligent resource development. Nadya has written about her findings in her latest book, Overfished Ocean Strategy: Powering up Innovation for a Resource Deprived World. An appreciative inquiry practitioner, she collaborates with business leaders to help them redesign their businesses to thrive in a world that values all resources. Nadya shares five principles that will delight you and challenge your thinking.

Appreciative Inquiry – Unintended Consequence of App Development

It's been 1.5 years now since Juergen Berkessel and I co-founded Polymash, a creative agency with a focus on strategy development, app design and marketing for the mobile world.  Juergen is an artist and a technologist.  He comes from a professional photography background, graphic design and a long stint in IT and product development.  My […]