Ways of Rekindling Life’s Enchantment, with Michelle Strutzenberger – PS61

Former generative journalist, turned children's book author talks about writing as a calling and the mystery and whimsy that's possible when one intentionally rekindles life's enchantments.

How Intergenerational Dialogue can Spark Imaginations and Generate Creativity With Kristin Bodiford – PS047

An inspiring conversation that illustrates how issues in our communities can be resolved when you bring different ages together to talk to each other … imaginations are ignited, and creativity is sparked.

3 Steps to Appreciative Living With Joy Engineer, Jackie Kelm – PS016

Host, Robyn Stratton-Berkessel, Positivity Strategist and Jackie Kelm The Joy Engineer of Appreciative living engage in conversation and share stories about their passion for Appreciative Inquiry, the strength-based, positive change methodology. Jackie shares her 3 step Appreciative Living process to bringing greater joy into your life whatever the situation, and move beyond our cultural negativity bias.

Embracing Change as a 7 Year-old

When I was 7 so much change happened.  I traveled by ship from Sydney Australia to Genoa in Italy, because of my father’s work.  He had been posted to Athens, Greece for a 5-year term.  I only remember parts of that long 6-week journey. It was the “old days”, when life aboard a luxury liner in first […]

Let Passion be your Power

Life is what happens to us when we have other plans, is, I think, a paraphrase of John Lennon, the great lyricist of Beatles fame. Life Happens So when life happens, it can mean we are thrown off life's course as we have designed it.   Barriers and challenges get in the way of what we […]

Playful Co-creation – Creative Collaboration

Creative Collaboration A highlight from our Broaden and Build session at the Positive Change Conference. We provided the experience of connecting to our creativity that flows from play, a joyful, fun state. After a series of playful warm-ups, including introducing the word EUNOIA, the shortest word in the English language containing all five vowels and […]