Highlights from an Appreciative Inquiry Summit

The summit exceeded expectations. The design and planning teams, and the participants all shared a sense that we had done the best we could do and it felt amazing. This feedback sums it up: “We’ve hit the reset button and it’s hard to go back.”

Appreciating All Generations – Intergenerational Dialog

What are the stereotypes we attach to the different generations? Is there a lack of intergenerational dialog? If you were to generalize, how might you complete these sentences?  Old people are. . . .Young people are. . . . If you have difficulty generalizing, that’s a good thing, as we are all unique and different. […]

We See the World as We Are

Jenny's Story – Constructionist Principle My friend from childhood, Jenny, is a nurse, a wife, an animal lover, excellent gardner, a great cook and a talented artist.  I love her deeply.  She’s my dear friend, and even though we’ve had some challenges, and times of separation over the years, we continue to be there for […]

How to be an appreciative listener

The way we ask questions determines what we find. In fact, the very first question we ask begins the listening process.  So there's a big responsibility in asking questions that invite responses that keep us engaged and interested and result in what it is we are seeking to learn about.  Moreover, in the process, when […]