How To Seek Out Inspiring Moments To Boost Positivity – PS 83

When are you inspired momentarily you are taken to a world outside yourself, yet you feel connected at the same time. You are moved. It could be you are lifted from your own self absorption or self-centeredness.  You shift to an awareness and reality that there are forces at play that are bigger than you, outside you; and yes! you are part of them and moved in a heartfelt way.

A Genuine Smile Will Help Strengthen Positivity In Your Life – PS80

I’m offering you ways to strengthen positivity. You’ll learn to be more positive even if your life is in chaos. You’ll be able to apply these simple practices whenever you feel the need to lift your spirits and your energy.

Personal Reflections on Appreciative Voice – PS 72

Appreciative Inquiry  Principles offer us a framework to practice our appreciative voice so we can bring more of it to the world. The guiding principles that help us connect with others in ways that serve not only ourselves but others, too.

How an Intimate Conversation can Strengthen the Collective – PS65

In this dialogue what unfolds is that it's the intimate conversation you have with another that potentially changes you and the other can expand to strengthen humanity's collective capacity to bring about personal and social change and even transformation.

How to Stimulate Connection with Curiosity and Appreciation

In the video, a recording of International Podcast Day's live-streaming event, you'll learn more about Positivity Strategist Podcast. The show is an interview format where I talk with people who are positive change agents in all areas of life. It's a platform to showcase the work of those who are innovating social change and who serve as an inspiration to all.

Four Keys to Live Every Moment More Richly, With Achim Nowak – PS049

Achim Nowak reminds us that every moment counts. Such awareness awakens us to the reality that moments happen, moments slip away; yet, in the moment, we know there is something special to be experienced. He invites us to experience the moment more richly and more fully. Imagine if we didn’t just let moments slip away! What if we were to recognize and embrace the life-force of the moment?

Finding Energy for Positive Change will Boost your Productivity

First discover and focus on what works and existing assets. When weaknesses and faults enter the conversation; they get addressed – from a different place.

A Momentous Life, With Achim Nowak – PS027

Achim Nowak talks with ease and elegance about human interaction and how energy is infectious. His 2013 book, “Infectious: How to Connect Deeply and Unleash the Energetic Leader Within” is all about that. His new book, “The Moment: 4 Keys to a Momentous Life” goes even deeper to help us appreciate that the choices we make moment to moment can lead us to make a huge difference in the world.

Let Love be our Guide

The time to talk Love, to think Love, to show Love, to give Love, to receive Love, to acknowledge and appreciate Love is just as essential in the world as 2013 approaches as it has always been.  Love is the greatest universal positive attribute. As a species, we need Love.  The universal human story is […]

Intention + Effort = Results

It seems a no-brainer, or a BFO in my vernacular (Blinding Flash of the Obvious): You set an intention, you put effort into it, and results follow. Change requires Effort Truth test: when you set your sights on something, and it requires you to change a behavior or practice; or you set a new course […]