Neuroscience and Design Are Keys to Conscious Embodiment with Dr. Kyra Bobinet

Neuroscience and Design Thinking offer keys to a mindful, healthy and purposeful life. We talk about the science behind why we don’t do what we know we should. We make the distinction between behaviors and habits and consider practices to adopt new habits. A key Design Thinking process is to develop an iterative mindset. The practice of embodying self-compassion is extraordinarily easy. We do it all the time without even knowing.

What Does it Mean to Embody?

“To embody” means what? This is a naive exploration. Topics include designing experiences that use the whole body and ways that integrate head, heart and body. We vote with our feet, we make choices through conversations that come from where we are literally standing.

Inspiring Meeting Design for More Authentic Connections

Think back to a meeting that you really enjoyed. What role did the meeting design play in that meeting? You were engaged, you listened actively, you contributed, you felt heard and seen. You walked out of the meeting feeling uplifted and more energized than when you walked in. What was that meeting like?

Decluttering Your Life With Good Design and Positivity, With Natalie Shell – PS038

Storytelling, good design, and decluttering the spaces in your life add up to some awesome positivity strategies. A fun episode with golden nuggets of wisdom.