Come up for AIR and Experience your Energy Soar – PS 71

Seasoned practitioner, coach and mentor, Mo McKenna shares insights, innovations and wisdom. She offers you an experience that is similar to when you've been holding breath for far too long, and then the moment of release happens. It's a beautiful release of tension as when you come up for air.  

How an Intimate Conversation can Strengthen the Collective – PS65

In this dialogue what unfolds is that it's the intimate conversation you have with another that potentially changes you and the other can expand to strengthen humanity's collective capacity to bring about personal and social change and even transformation.

A World Inquiry: The Impacts of Appreciative Inquiry across the World, with Ada Jo Mann – PS059

A pioneer of Appreciative inquiry (AI) shares her own experience and creates a project to conduct a world inquiry on the lasting impacts of AI around the world: what does AI means to others what lasting impacts have been created?

How Intergenerational Dialogue can Spark Imaginations and Generate Creativity With Kristin Bodiford – PS047

An inspiring conversation that illustrates how issues in our communities can be resolved when you bring different ages together to talk to each other … imaginations are ignited, and creativity is sparked.

Finding Energy for Positive Change will Boost your Productivity

First discover and focus on what works and existing assets. When weaknesses and faults enter the conversation; they get addressed – from a different place.

Community Strengths and What Makes Us Human, With Jean-Louis Lamboray – PS015

Our guest, Dr. Jean-Louis Lamboray, is Co-founder of Constellation, a non-profit global community development organization. Jean Louis’ passion is to stimulate local responses where people realize their strengths, their collective capacities and begin to take action toward their dreams. It’s a strength-based, positive approach with the emphasis on experience, practice and people doing it for themselves.

Appreciative Inquiry – Unintended Consequence of App Development

It's been 1.5 years now since Juergen Berkessel and I co-founded Polymash, a creative agency with a focus on strategy development, app design and marketing for the mobile world.  Juergen is an artist and a technologist.  He comes from a professional photography background, graphic design and a long stint in IT and product development.  My […]

The Value of Positive Stories

  How does it serve self and others to share stories, particularly focusing on the positive? Here's a quick response with a professional and a personal story. Professional Story Story Telling has become important in my work. My field of expertise is leadership and organizational development. I talk about corporate connections. We help leaders and […]

Passion Juice – Good Passion

More Good Passion Since this blog used to be called Pursuing Passions, I was keen to learn more about the dualistic nature of passion when I attended the First World Congress on Positive Psychology this past weekend in Philadelphia. That there is good passion and bad passion is not new.  But appreciating the psychological impacts […]

Using our Strengths to Make a Difference

A highlight of our workshop at the Symphony of Strengths Global Appreciative Inquiry Conference was the participant conversations around the following topic: Thinking about the emerging Wisdom Age, and thinking about your strengths / capabilities / resources, what might help to make an amazing difference?