Meaningful Conversations can Transform You and Your World – PS57

At this time when we are experiencing enormous cultural and technological changes, we possesses tremendous potential to enhance our collective social well-being. Through carefully designed experiences, WiseTribe connects people of diverse ages, ethnicities, and professions to share strengths, dreams, possibilities and convert them into action-based learning projects. Appreciative Inquiry has been the framework to start such meaningful conversations.

How Intergenerational Dialogue can Spark Imaginations and Generate Creativity With Kristin Bodiford – PS047

An inspiring conversation that illustrates how issues in our communities can be resolved when you bring different ages together to talk to each other … imaginations are ignited, and creativity is sparked.

Just Listen: The Secret to Getting Through to Anyone, With Mark Goulston – PS036

Just Listen: Secret to Getting Through to Anyone. Strategies to help you improve your listening so that you connect at a deep, heartfelt level with anyone.

Image Inspires Action – Anticipatory Principle

Image inspires action A few years ago I was told I had maybe a year to live and my treating doctor prescribed certain procedures and medications, all of which I did not want to participate in. As someone who likes to question the status quo,  I made my own inquiries and conducted research, looking for […]