Connecting the Collective: Dynamics, Dialogue, Decisions – PS102

Connecting the collective is the work of hearts and minds.  This literacy focuses us on living into the “we.” Connecting and belonging are the life-blood of human organizing and relationships. Starting conversations that are real and inclusive lifts up our appreciative voice.

Powering the Positive: Fusing Strengths for Flow, Energy and Connection – PS100

Paying attention to and magnifying the positive in people, communities, and networks help us flourish. Among the benefits of knowing our strengths include finding more flow and meaning in work, feeling more energized than drained, and seeing our relationships improve by coming from a place of greater ease.

Acts of Kindness are Micro Moments of Connection – PS82

You’ve heard of “count your blessings” how about “count your kindnesses?” When you show kindness through a genuine smile, through an authentic compliment, through a caring gesture, your positive emotions expand. You connect with others with your kindnesses. If you can build those micro-moments of connection every day, your positivity will strengthen.

A Momentous Life, With Achim Nowak – PS027

Achim Nowak talks with ease and elegance about human interaction and how energy is infectious. His 2013 book, “Infectious: How to Connect Deeply and Unleash the Energetic Leader Within” is all about that. His new book, “The Moment: 4 Keys to a Momentous Life” goes even deeper to help us appreciate that the choices we make moment to moment can lead us to make a huge difference in the world.

How Love, Passion and Joy Inspire Profits, With Sue Elliott – PS014

Conscious Capitalism, Law of Attraction, writer, speaker, editor-in-chief of magazines and personal development coach Sue Elliot provides a plethora of ideas, tips and strategies to bring more love and joy into all areas of your life. You’ll be energized and uplifted by her insights and stories.

A World Gone Social, with Ted Coiné – PS010

Ted Coiné, author of A World Gone Social talks about his new book (co-authored with Mark Babbitt) and outlines how social media is really about being social and less about media. It’s energizing to hear stories of individuals and businesses thriving in this new social age, where we can all be active participants; where the values of engagement, collaboration and transparency are actively lived out by ordinary people forming extraordinary networks.

The Value of Positive Stories

  How does it serve self and others to share stories, particularly focusing on the positive? Here's a quick response with a professional and a personal story. Professional Story Story Telling has become important in my work. My field of expertise is leadership and organizational development. I talk about corporate connections. We help leaders and […]