Positive Aging through the Lens of Social Construction – Mary Gergen, Ph.D.

Research into positive aging delivers findings that run counter to the traditional view of aging. Existing views tend to be negative and like to point out that the life span developmental curve is not wonderful for older people. Positive aging research and practice puts attention on the value of being optimistic, enjoying the potentials of older age and growing capacities over time.

Social Innovation Practices Through the Lens of Social Construction – Sheila McNamee, Ph.D. and Celiane Carmago-Borges, Ph.D.

This is the introductory episode of season 5 which focuses on social innovations across many domains. We are collaborating with the Taos Institute and supporting a significant publication, The Sage Handbook of Social Constructionist Practice. My guests in this introductory episode are two of the four editors. Our conversation addresses three points: the work of Taos Institute, what social construction is, and the intention of the book.

Going Meta to Appreciative Leading with Sheila McNamee – PS115

Going meta on the topic of Appreciative Leading. Sheila McNamee offers us the social constructionist's perspective: what leading means as a relational process rather than as an individual's characteristics, traits or skills.

Entrepreneur as a Force for Positive Impact – PS 114

A well-connected, social entrepreneur, committed to bringing a positive impact to his city is convening an Appreciative Inquiry Summit, calling all interested stakeholders to come together to imagine the future of their city.

Collaboration in Healthcare Using Appreciative Inquiry – PS113

Applying Appreciative Inquiry in framing conversations to build the partnerships and strengthen collaboration in healthcare. Storytelling is a way to pull forward the positive from the past to envision more positive futures.

Seven Strategies for Appreciative Leading in Challenging Times – PS 112

When leading in challenging times, what if we asked questions about what is going right rather than what is going wrong? Where would people's energy go?

Strategic Planning is More Exciting As A Community Conversation – PS109

Creating a community conversation for input into our strategic plan to tap into the energy, passion, excitement and good ideas across our community, thereby helping us to navigate these very interesting times in higher education.

Inspirational Stories About Appreciative Leading: What Are They? PS 106

Leading is much more than having the title of leader or being engaged in the process of leadership. Leading can be a deliberate and conscious act, and it can come from spontaneity and impulse. It's about innovation and making a difference. Excerpts from inspirational stories show the way.

What is Appreciative Leading? Who’s Leading the Way?

In Season 3, Appreciative Leading, beautiful guests share their experiences of leading from an appreciative mindset with appreciative principles and practices. I am excited to speak with business leaders and entrepreneurs, and professionals.

Connecting the Collective: Dynamics, Dialogue, Decisions – PS102

Connecting the collective is the work of hearts and minds.  This literacy focuses us on living into the “we.” Connecting and belonging are the life-blood of human organizing and relationships. Starting conversations that are real and inclusive lifts up our appreciative voice.