Change is good – Closing out Season 2- PS 105

In Season 3: Appreciative Leading I’ll be talking to guests who’ll share their experiences of leading from an appreciative mindset.  I am excited to speak with business leaders and entrepreneurs, and with professionals from the legal, medical, IT and financial worlds; marketers, artists, journalists, teachers, and spiritual leaders. And, I there is an invitation for you be a patron or sponsor of my show.

Changing Beliefs about Human Capacity – PS104

To close this Season, we reflect on Appreciative Voice and how the seven literacies are impacting our thinking and relationships. We share findings from our fieldwork; and, we introduce our new thinking and learning about human capacity: four assumptions of changing beliefs about what we're all capable of and how that might reframe our realities.

Inviting Inquiry Questions: A Core Choice for Appreciative Voice – PS97

Inviting Inquiry is central to all the Literacies,  and is central to Appreciative Voice. The principles of Appreciative Inquiry inform us that we move in the direction of our inquiries; questions we ask of ourselves and others. Inquiry stimulates curiosity. Inquiry starts movements. Inquiry questions keep us open to possibilities and enable us to engage in further dialogue. How curious are you about others and the world? What information and stories might you seek?

Why Strength Matters and How to Grow It

When you come from strength, you can learn far more quickly; you perform more easily; you gain greater satisfaction from your efforts; and you experience a desire or a yearning to perform the activity more frequently, as you feel you just have to do it

Why Strengths Based Coaching Helps Overcome Weaknesses

In the six months' coaching each young woman went through a transformation. They reported relationships that had been challenging become easier. They felt less stressed because they invested their efforts in their strengths and found ways to manage weaknesses, meaning they become more productive and and experienced more joy in their work.

Interview with Kathy Becker of The Center for Appreciative Inquiry – PS039

This episode is Part I of a two Part show. Robyn Stratton-Berkessel and Kathy Becker interview each other on their high point Appreciative Inquiry experiences. In Part I, Robyn interviews Kathy; in Part II, roles are reversed.

Just Listen: The Secret to Getting Through to Anyone, With Mark Goulston – PS036

Just Listen: Secret to Getting Through to Anyone. Strategies to help you improve your listening so that you connect at a deep, heartfelt level with anyone.

Self Awareness and Values Development, With Stephan Thieringer – PS030

Positivity Strategist Podcast guest Stephan Thieringer is truly a global citizen. From his own experience as an executive and entrepreneur in hospitality, venture capital, tech startups, mergers and acquisitions, he now focuses on executive development, leading in the field of radical self awareness and values development. His business tag line is“Because Building a better You is Good for Business.”

How Love, Passion and Joy Inspire Profits, With Sue Elliott – PS014

Conscious Capitalism, Law of Attraction, writer, speaker, editor-in-chief of magazines and personal development coach Sue Elliot provides a plethora of ideas, tips and strategies to bring more love and joy into all areas of your life. You’ll be energized and uplifted by her insights and stories.

Appreciative Inquiry Across Contexts, Cultures and Generations with Linda Quarles – PS007

In this special conversation with Linda Quarles we span the globe and a spectrum of applying Appreciative Inquiry from Global Corporations, to a school in China, to around the dining table at home in the US and visiting the exquisite Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi.