We See the World as We Are

Jenny's Story – Constructionist Principle My friend from childhood, Jenny, is a nurse, a wife, an animal lover, excellent gardner, a great cook and a talented artist.  I love her deeply.  She’s my dear friend, and even though we’ve had some challenges, and times of separation over the years, we continue to be there for […]

Embracing Change

Since today is January 1st , 2013, New Year's Day, it's THE day for implementing the change, you've been thinking and/or planning for the last few days, weeks, months or years.  The first day is always the best day to start.  I've got an app to keep it going. Embracing Change Unashamedly, I am going […]

Intention + Effort = Results

It seems a no-brainer, or a BFO in my vernacular (Blinding Flash of the Obvious): You set an intention, you put effort into it, and results follow. Change requires Effort Truth test: when you set your sights on something, and it requires you to change a behavior or practice; or you set a new course […]

Importance of Stories

Telling Stories and Constructing Narratives We are all storytellers with our own stories to tell. We depend on a regular narrative to help us navigate through our days. We tell each other stories every day: at home with our families, at work with our colleagues and clients, at play with our mates, and in romance […]

Appreciative Inquiry – Unintended Consequence of App Development

It's been 1.5 years now since Juergen Berkessel and I co-founded Polymash, a creative agency with a focus on strategy development, app design and marketing for the mobile world.  Juergen is an artist and a technologist.  He comes from a professional photography background, graphic design and a long stint in IT and product development.  My […]

Film One Fest

When we use our appreciative eye more than our evaluative eye, be prepared to be surprised. Our appreciative eye opens us up rather than shuts us down.  The more we look for what works in a situation, they more we'll find what does. Engaging with others through an appreciative inquiry is underpinned by a number […]

Shift Technology Mindset from “I don’t need an iPad” to “I LOVE my iPad”

From “I don't need an iPad” to “I LOVE my iPad” How often I am witnessing that shift!  And, I wouldn't mind $100 for every time I've influenced a friend or colleague to invest in an iPad. It's a year since the iPad came on the market. At first, I admired it vicariously via my […]