What Does it Mean to Embody?

“To embody” means what? This is a naive exploration. Topics include designing experiences that use the whole body and ways that integrate head, heart and body. We vote with our feet, we make choices through conversations that come from where we are literally standing.

How Do You Do Appreciative Embodying?

This show as an inquiry or a search into the topic of embodying, specifically appreciative embodying. How do you move from acute awareness to deliberate action? This is an exploration of how embracing the wholeness of who we are, we embark on a developmental and generative process.

Reflecting on the Topic of Appreciative Leading – PS116

Reflecting on all the delicious diversity of perspectives on the topic of Appreciative Leading including stories on the significance of the relational process, connection, collaboration, love.

Going Meta to Appreciative Leading with Sheila McNamee – PS115

Going meta on the topic of Appreciative Leading. Sheila McNamee offers us the social constructionist's perspective: what leading means as a relational process rather than as an individual's characteristics, traits or skills.

Entrepreneur as a Force for Positive Impact – PS 114

A well-connected, social entrepreneur, committed to bringing a positive impact to his city is convening an Appreciative Inquiry Summit, calling all interested stakeholders to come together to imagine the future of their city.

Searching For The Soul of Appreciative Leading with Joep de Jong – PS111

Searching for the soul of leading requires that you love people. You can never be a good leader if you don't have a good follower and you can never be a good follower if you don't have a good leader. So, you really need each other.