Appreciative Investing with Ed Jacobson – PS004

In this episode, my special guest is Ed Jacobson, PdD, MBA. What’s special about Ed is his one of a kind Appreciative Financial Planning program. He has carved a niche among Financial Advisory Companies to train and coach them to connect more deeply with their customers and strengthen sustainable relationships and partnerships.

What You Focus on, Grows – PS001

You’ve most likely heard the expression: “Be careful what you ask for!” In this episode, you’ll become aware that what you put your attention to WILL command your energy – your emotional energy, your thinking energy and your physical energy. You may not always be conscious of it. Our positivity strategy in this episode is: What you focus on grows!

Sunflowers and Appreciative Inquiry – Heliotropic Effect

Just as sunflowers turn to the sun for light and energy, so too, do we humans grow and light up with great energy in a field of abundant, sunny appreciation and positivity. We literally light up when basked with appreciation.

Image Inspires Action – Anticipatory Principle

Image inspires action A few years ago I was told I had maybe a year to live and my treating doctor prescribed certain procedures and medications, all of which I did not want to participate in. As someone who likes to question the status quo,  I made my own inquiries and conducted research, looking for […]