Entrepreneur as a Force for Positive Impact – PS 114

A well-connected, social entrepreneur, committed to bringing a positive impact to his city is convening an Appreciative Inquiry Summit, calling all interested stakeholders to come together to imagine the future of their city.

Collaboration in Healthcare Using Appreciative Inquiry – PS113

Applying Appreciative Inquiry in framing conversations to build the partnerships and strengthen collaboration in healthcare. Storytelling is a way to pull forward the positive from the past to envision more positive futures.

Seven Strategies for Appreciative Leading in Challenging Times – PS 112

When leading in challenging times, what if we asked questions about what is going right rather than what is going wrong? Where would people's energy go?

Searching For The Soul of Appreciative Leading with Joep de Jong – PS111

Searching for the soul of leading requires that you love people. You can never be a good leader if you don't have a good follower and you can never be a good follower if you don't have a good leader. So, you really need each other.

J. Kim Wright, Law, Peacemakers, Appreciative Leading – PS110

J. Kim Wright: “Lawyers, in general, have much higher rates of addiction and suicide. Yet, people who were practicing these new holistic ways were much healthier. I took that on. My mission was to learn about this and to bring this message to the mainstream.”

Strategic Planning is More Exciting As A Community Conversation – PS109

Creating a community conversation for input into our strategic plan to tap into the energy, passion, excitement and good ideas across our community, thereby helping us to navigate these very interesting times in higher education.

How to Create a Flourishing Enterprise – Appreciative Leading – PS108

A story about creating a culture to bring extraordinary health and happiness inside and outside the organization to become a truly flourishing enterprise in all ways. The Appreciative Inquiry summit is a really powerful, magical event.

How to Bring the New to Life – Generative Journalism – PS107

Generative Journalism enables something about the relationship or something that's happening in relationship to emarge. Learning to be present requires a great deal of personal growth and a willingness to be open and vulnerable in the world and in the work while also being sensible and strong.

Inspiring Meeting Design for More Authentic Connections

Think back to a meeting that you really enjoyed. What role did the meeting design play in that meeting? You were engaged, you listened actively, you contributed, you felt heard and seen. You walked out of the meeting feeling uplifted and more energized than when you walked in. What was that meeting like?

Changing Beliefs about Human Capacity – PS104

To close this Season, we reflect on Appreciative Voice and how the seven literacies are impacting our thinking and relationships. We share findings from our fieldwork; and, we introduce our new thinking and learning about human capacity: four assumptions of changing beliefs about what we're all capable of and how that might reframe our realities.