Celebrating Entangled Relationships Through Appreciative Embodying

The forests and trees, and rivers and oceans, and deserts, and all creatures have much to teach us about mutuality of purpose, and collaboration, and respect and values. Paying attention to natural phenomena – the ecology of our planet reshapes what being in community and cooperation means. It’s more than connection and belonging that holds us together, it’s entanglement. We are entangled. Please join me in celebrating our entangled relationships

Mindfulness For Chocolate Lovers – A Sweet, Embodying Practice

Mindfulness for chocolate lovers introduces a lighthearted way to stress less and savor more each day, offering a more playful and sweeter life. This is appreciative embodying in a tasteful, olfactory way! And you don't even have to eat the chocolate.

How Meaningful Alignment and Appreciative Embodying are Bedfellows with Susan Steinbrecher

A most practical conversation on meaningful alignment where we talk concepts such as the inner game and self regulation. We focus on interpersonal dialogue preferences and the promising outcomes we can aspire to if we learn how to embody meaningful alignment. We reflect on how to invite people to listen to what their bodies and emotions are telling them so they can cultivate caring relationships with themselves and others.