How Being Still Super Charges Your Aliveness

Being still is a precursor to truly listening, paying attention and opening up to possibilities, novelty creativity and aliveness. What is beckoning you? Racing around may be helpful, but being still could be even more helpful.

How To Seek Out Inspiring Moments To Boost Positivity – PS 83

When are you inspired momentarily you are taken to a world outside yourself, yet you feel connected at the same time. You are moved. It could be you are lifted from your own self absorption or self-centeredness.  You shift to an awareness and reality that there are forces at play that are bigger than you, outside you; and yes! you are part of them and moved in a heartfelt way.

Ways of Rekindling Life’s Enchantment, with Michelle Strutzenberger – PS61

Former generative journalist, turned children's book author talks about writing as a calling and the mystery and whimsy that's possible when one intentionally rekindles life's enchantments.

Why Strength Matters and How to Grow It

When you come from strength, you can learn far more quickly; you perform more easily; you gain greater satisfaction from your efforts; and you experience a desire or a yearning to perform the activity more frequently, as you feel you just have to do it

Human Problems Are Not Fixable

Human beings are not bikes, computers, or windows that can be fixed. Each single one of us is incredibility complex with all kinds of influences and ideas and different biological makeup and emotions. We have unique character traits, attitudes, beliefs and traditions, so the ‘fix the problem approach' doesn’t work. Human beings are not problems to be fixed.

A Gift Received

“If you want to go fast, go alone If you want to go far, go with others” ~ African Proverb I received a gift last week. I have been basking in the glow of the support I received from my professional community, my colleagues, my friends, and friends of friends, and strangers.  Not only did […]

Immersive Learning on Tablets

Serendipitously, on three occasions in as many days, I have been in the presence of three 3 year olds (just love all those 3's).  Each time, I was filled up with joy watching them engage with content on their iPads. First time, we were at dinner with a couple when their three year old pulled […]

Stunning Examples of Appreciative Inquiry Principles

Examples of Appreciative Inquiry Principles Aimee Mullens gives such a powerful and moving TED talk. Her examples of Appreciative Inquiry Principles are evident in her story.  She opens with examples of the Constructionist Principle: how words create worlds and the role we all play in co-creating our realities and defining each other. She advocates the […]

Passion Juice – Good Passion

More Good Passion Since this blog used to be called Pursuing Passions, I was keen to learn more about the dualistic nature of passion when I attended the First World Congress on Positive Psychology this past weekend in Philadelphia. That there is good passion and bad passion is not new.  But appreciating the psychological impacts […]

Let Passion be your Power

Life is what happens to us when we have other plans, is, I think, a paraphrase of John Lennon, the great lyricist of Beatles fame. Life Happens So when life happens, it can mean we are thrown off life's course as we have designed it.   Barriers and challenges get in the way of what we […]