Strengths and Superpowers

Strengths and Superpowers

Strengths and Superpowers

In my conversation with Johann Gauthier, Co-CEO of Global Rockstars Community, Johann described his superpower as playfulness.  We all have superpowers.  They are are talents and strengths so that when we are working with them, we are closer to performing at our peak more than at any other time.

Aligning Strengths

The energy that pours forth when we identify and work with our strengths and talents is what facilitates peak performance.  As the late Peter Drucker said:

 “The task of leadership is to create an alignment of strengths that makes our weaknesses irrelevant.”

When I was a child my signature strengths were appreciated neither by my parents nor my bosses.  You can read those stories on my About page under “My Journey to Positivity”.  But through my personal journey and tenacity and living in my strengths, I discovered that love of learning, curiosity, desire to find new and better ways are what energize, fulfill and satisfy me.  That's when I do my best work.

Finding your superpower

Johann talks about his journey to finding his superpower and his commitment to creating the Global Rock Stars Community, where global leaders can discover and experience their own awakening and realization of peak performance.  The quote below comes from his recent blog article Unleash your Leaders to Play and Thrive :

Flourishing enterprises view the realization of the vast potential of their people as the highest form of human achievement possible. They approach personal development as an opportunity to unleash people's greatness and inner power. They do it by nurturing a space for high resonance to emerge:

1) By being mindful;

2) By caring; and,

3) By being highly compassionate with their employees.

Appreciative Inquiry is a way to begin the journey to find your strengths, your superpowers.  It works because the focus is on discovering stories of when you are working at your best and what kind of bosses and cultures enable you to be at your best and perform at your peak.  Inquiring into stories through the appreciative lens shines the light on peak experiences of joy and creativity, and trust all of which enable increased contribution, productivity, fulfilment and meaning in work, play and relationships.

In the podcast conversation with Johann, I invite all listeners to zero in on their performance over the week and see what comes up for them as their superpower.  I invite you, dear readers to do the same.