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Strategies to Increase Visibility on the Web Focusing on Cornerstone Content – PS90

More About How to Increase Visibility on the Web

Due to popular demand, Juergen Berkessel is back for a second round.  In the last episode, PS89,  How to Reach your Target Audience with your Higher Purpose  and in this one, Juergen continues to share some of the strategies that I’ve been lucky enough to be exposed to help me increase visibility on the web and reach more people with my message of  positive change in the world through Appreciative Inquiry and other positive and strengths-based methods and approaches to human and organizational development. And it’s Juergen who has helped me do that.

Growing Digital Presence

visibility on the web - image of Juergen BerkesselIf you missed the last episode with Juergen, and if you’re curious about improving your online presence or broadening your reach, or increase your visibility on the web, you might like to go back and listen to the previous episode so you have some good background.  In case you don't know Juergen's business is to help authors and business owners/entrepreneurs, bloggers, podcasters and video creators…. whatever kind of content you want to be known for …. grow their digital presence.

Where we left off last time Juergen had mentioned:  

It always blows his mind that people have this resistance to learning a little bit about the marketing and SEO side of things after they've spent countless hours creating amazing content. You know, the time investment required to bring some of this content into the foreground, just pays off. It's nothing. It's a drop in the bucket when you compare to the time investment that goes into creating this content in the first place.

Juergen feels that it's such a lost opportunity when it doesn’t take too much.  His mission to help people have their work and creations visible and discoverable.  As an artist himself, he lives this reality, too!

Creating Cornerstone Content as a Strategy

While in the previous episode, we covered a lot of ground in broad strokes this time we zero in on one strategy which is about the value of developing cornerstone content to help you establish credibility in your niche and increase visibility on the web.  Juergen outlines ways to find your cornerstone content.

What is Cornerstone Content?

  • Cornerstone content is made up of your hero content, such as pages and blog articles on your website.
  • These should be your most compelling and essential pieces.
  • They should answer your site visitors most significant questions, explain your business approach and topic of interest in great details, and in general be content you are most proud of.
  • The articles should reflect your business, communicate the mission, and provide well-written explanations.

Read more about this:  Cornerstone Content Revisited: How to Boost Your Site Rank and Traffic

Using Categories to Select Your Cornerstone Topics

visibility on the web - sitting at computerIf you already have a site with well-organized content, the likelihood is that categories help organize it.

One approach to cornerstone content is to create a hero “cornerstone content” episode for each of your categories. All the other posts in the category should then refer to and link to this cornerstone post. It is basically the concept of blog themes, which you may already be doing or may have done before.

Juergen has observed that a handful of categories is more effective than dozens, and perhaps focusing on launching your cornerstone content is a good opportunity to clean up your categories and tag structure.

Some Cornerstone Content Ideas For Inspiration

Here's a summary of what Juergen brought up in our conversation to help get you started with cornerstone content:

A Definitive Resource Guide Episode

  • A collection of curated external and internal links, resources, sites, video, other podcasts, books etc. Describe each resource in detail about why they are useful and in what situations they lend value. This is more appreciated a list of names and/or links.

A Manifesto Post

  • A detailed explanation of your worldview, philosophy, approach to your topics, summarizing your truths and then going into detail explaining your position. These can be controversial in nature, which adds to the shareability.

A Research Results Post

  • Conducting your own primary research around a topic in your niche is one of the best ways to build podcast content that gets attention. Go into details, include graphics and references as extra motivation to get your podcast listeners to visit your show notes pages to download these.

Tutorial Post

  • Create a multi-part tutorial on a topic you know your audience would love, but which also represents your site's overall topic well.

Crowd Sourced Influencer Post

  • Bring multiple influencers together to answer a single question in short form. When you get 10 influencers to give you 300 words recording each on a single topic – you’ve got a powerful blog. 

“Best of' Roundup

  • Summarize the insights and best resources gathered in your best posts or posts related to a specific topic.

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