Shift Technology Mindset from “I don’t need an iPad” to “I LOVE my iPad”

My-iPad-225x300From “I don't need an iPad” to “I LOVE my iPad”

How often I am witnessing that shift!  And, I wouldn't mind $100 for every time I've influenced a friend or colleague to invest in an iPad.

It's a year since the iPad came on the market. At first, I admired it vicariously via my partner, who is an early adopter with most things technological, especially computers, cameras, music and bikes.  Once I got my fingers on it,  (I did resist for a week or so), I changed to “I want one.”

Since then, I am increasingly loving my iPad.  It goes where I go: into every room in the house, the car, the plane, the boat, the doctor, the dentist, the hair salon, the beach, the park, the local coffee shop, bars, restaurants, and workplaces, of course.  My iPad is with me, everywhere.

Shift Technology Mindset

What makes it so valuable to me and why do I love it?  It's what I am able to experience with the iPad (location agnostic) that makes it so amazingly worthwhile to me.  In one year, the quality, standard and variety of applications that are coming to market beyond games and utilities (that are okay on smart phones) have made the tablet form a superb tool for engaging with content across the world, from boardrooms to schoolrooms, from hospitals to coffee shops, from beaches to office blocks and wherever else it works for you!

If you don't yet own one, please just read down the following list and imagine how awesome it is to experience all of the following activities with one single, simple, elegant device – and remember, you are not constrained by location!

  • You read books, magazines, newspapers, emails, text messages, business documents.
  • You watch films, videos, YouTube, TV
  • You write poetry and stories
  • You doodle
  • You draw pictures and shapes
  • You listen to music and speech and radio
  • You play games.
  • You touch, reposition, re-order objects and images
  • You annotate copy
  • You edit text
  • You record voices and sounds
  • You access information and resources in your world, your immediate environment or across the world
  • You take photos and video
  • You participate in virtual meetings and web conferences via Skype
  • You learn new facts and gain knowledge from global sources
  • You develop awareness from new connections
  • You laugh
  • You gaze in wonder
  • You reflect on ideas
  • You create and develop your own thoughts
  • You connect with people through social media
  • You share what you want with others

And, you can do so much more, so easily, so effectively, so efficiently, so enjoyably, so consciously.  You can have all this functionality, utility, fun and enjoyment on a device that is totally unobtrusive and mobile!  That is why it's extra cool!

I am so convinced that applications on tablet devices, (specifically the iPad over the next couple of years while other operating systems and manufacturers come up to speed) will continue to be the leading and most innovative tool for connecting people with content, ideas and other people,  allowing for increased participation in meaningful, developmental ways. I've witnessed the faces of children, professionals, the sick and elderly all light up with interest and curiosity when offered an iPad to interact with. My delight and commitment to sharing good content and experiences through this medium has me now developing apps to help bring about transformational shifts at personal and community levels.  Embracing Change is my first application in partnership with Polymash Digital Arts.

In my next post, I will share some of my favorite apps and some of my learnings along the way, and in my third post on this topic, I will share my excitements about developing applications in the learning and development space.