Pretend and Play

Play is Vital

You bounce on a trampoline, higher and higher; you're on a swing pumping back and forth gaining greater momentum;  you throw a frisbee and leap to catch it; you run and tumble in the fresh snow;  you tip-toe into the surf jumping over the waves until you dive in to finally get fully wet.  You laugh, you feel exhilarated, you feel joyful and energized.  It's called play. Remember?

It's good for you.  It was then and it is now.  It helped you then and helps you now.  Your joyful state opens you to aliveness, greater creativity, and to others.  See Using Tools Wisely: Playful Co-creation

The National Institute for Play
 defines play “as a state of being that is intensely pleasurable”. It energizes and enlivens us. It eases our burdens, renews a natural sense of optimism and opens us up to new possibilities. These wonderful, valuable qualities are just the beginning of what play is.

Science of Play

Scientists – neuroscientists, developmental biologists, psychologists, scientists from every point on the scientific compass – have recently begun viewing play as a profound biological process.

Playful puppiesThey are learning that play sculpts our brain; it makes us smarter and more adaptable.  For many animal species it has evolved over eons with result that the most advanced animals play the most i.e., play is more central to their development. Humans are the biggest players of all, specially designed by nature to play throughout our long lives.

Take a look at Dr. Stuart Brown from the National Institute for Play talking about “Play” on Ted.

Go and find that old frisbee, the hoola hoop or the roller blades.

Pretend and play! Enjoy!