Go Beyond Positive Thinking and Positive Quotes

I've compiled a short list of positivity resources to help you on the road to greater positivity in your life.   Positivity is not just about positive thinking or positive quotes.  Positivity is a state of being that you can develop and strengthen through regular practice.   I've put a little guide together to share some of my favorite resources.  When you feel like a good dose of positivity, just open one of the links in our Positivity Resource Guide and voilà, you'll have access to some great content and feel nourished.

We know from brain research that we can rewire our neural connections to change thoughts, behaviors and emotions.  In the positive psychology and wellness spaces, this is particularly good news.  We can rewire our brain for good. If you listen to a number of the episodes on Positivity Strategist podcast, especially, Melissa Schnapp and Jackie Kelm, and my episode, What you Focus on Grows, you will learn more about the benefits of specific practices to strengthen your own positivity.

In fact, in most of the podcast episodes, there are Positivity Lens Activities you can download to help you begin your practice.  I take the learnings from my guest each week and summarize them into 3 to 5 steps so that you can actually implement the success strategies of my guests.  You can turn your podcast listening experience into actionable practice.   Therefore, if you want to really improve your own positivity, this is a simple, quick way to start.

The resource guide is in four categories:

TED Talks

Six of my favorite TED Talks. These story-tellers reveal how we can overcome adversity when we are in touch with our inner strengths. From a place of humility and humor, we learn we are powerful.  At our core, we share hope, love and connection.

Blog Posts

Terrific blog posts on a range of subjects and approaches about positivity and happiness. All suggest that positivity improves our health, productivity and relationships, potentially leading to lives of flourishing.


On the subject of positivity and happiness, these books are among my most thumbed.  The authors are thought leaders in the field offering a blend of science, philosophy and down-to-earth practical know-how.


In the self-development and inspirational space, you can’t go wrong with these six podcasts.

I'll be creating additional Positivity Resource Guides, so stay tuned for newer versions in the future.  To get started, download Version One of Positivity Resource Guide.  I would appreciate your letting  me know which resources best resonate with you.