How Positive Questions Make a Difference – PS002

Episode Summary

In this episode, you’ll hear about the power of the question, particularly how positive questions make a positive difference. The way we ask questions determines what comes next.  Questions create movement and change.  Knowing how to ask positive questions is yet another positivity strategy for you to add to your personal positivity portfolio.

The Power Of Positive Questions

If you have seen my TEDx talk, you know that my favorite question is:

“What’s the best thing that’s happened to you today?”

Why is this my favorite question? Because…..The very first question we ask, determines what we find, and with this particular question, we find a whole lot of stuff that works.
You’ll hear some stories that illustrate how positive questions and appreciative inquiry can open us up to amazing people and can enrich our lives as we engage in conversation and relate to each other.

Hope and Possibility

Even in tragedy and disaster, if we’re intentional and compassionate, there is always something that we can inquire into that will help lift us from feeling utterly lost and hopeless. You’ll hear some positively framed questions that seek to help people find hope and possibility even in tragedy.

More positive staff meetings

In a different context, you’ll hear about a conversation I’ve been having on LinkedIn with an operations manager at a company in India. He had left a comment related to my TEDx Talk which I had posted on a LinkedIn Group. He asked if I would suggest questions that he could use for staff meetings, so he could make them more positive.
Our online conversation has taken a number of rounds. He inquired about the kinds of questions he might consider to increase positivity and appreciation into his workplace. He wanted to create a workplace where people felt connected to each other and their passions.
The real golden nugget here was in how his staff would co-construct with the kind of culture they aspired to through their language and how they relate to each other. How they ask questions would make a huge difference.

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