Positive Acts of Service

single-act-240x300Random Acts of Leadership

I have been inspired by Susan Mazza one of my Twitter Friends.  Her blog, Random Acts of Leadership has touched me at many levels.  I just contributed to Susan’s blog with my own two stories of Random Acts of Leadership.

After reading her blog, Random Acts of Leadership, I had this experience.

I was in the local supermarket car park.  As I wheeled my cart back to my car, there was a plastic water bottle lying squashed on the path.  My fleeting thoughts were judging of some irresponsible person leaving it there, as I wheeled around it.  In a flash, I thought, you don’t like it, do something – show a “random act of leadership.”  So I went back, picked it up and threw it in the trash bin.  (Unfortunately, there was no recycling bin.)

Positive Acts of Service

What came up immediately for me was the desire to follow Susan’s example.  It seemed to me that I had performed an act of service.  So, I thought, wouldn't it be great to invite people to share their stories of “Positive Acts of Service”.    When we perform acts of service, no matter how tiny, we experience a positive affect and that leads to more positive actions, and the recipient, if there is one, shows gratitude, and is likely to also perform some positive future action.

Recently, I was on crutches with a fractured hip and I experienced countless acts of service from strangers, opening door, holding elevators, carrying parcels to the next corner, carrying goods to my car.  I was both amazed and delighted by the amount of support and kindness shown to me.

There are more quiet positive acts of service in the world than negative ones, yet we don’t publicize them.  Here is a chance.  Let’s do it.  We can! Please contribute your own story below.